Thursday, March 24, 2016

Night of the Stars at Aquarium of the Pacific, Educational and Fun

Sea-life and Cultural Entertainment at the +Aquarium of the Pacific Night under the Stars

Beautiful evening at the Aquarium of the Pacific, where cultural dance, music and sea-life come together! 

So much to see and do but our mini contributors Ava and Sam give us their top 5 favs of the evening... 

* The fish of course so many and everywhere. From bright to big and little to camouflaged they are all so uniquely magnificent.

* Absolutely do not miss our top fav...the jellyfish. LOVE to watch how beautiful they are in their simplicity.

* We really liked going outside to the area where you can pet the sharks and stingrays. The touch ponds are such a great way to get everyone involved with the fun. Young and old can enjoy the feel of the sea-life! This time, Grandma was the only brave one to do it!

* Another must see are the ever so playful sea lions. They were so fun to watch and see how interactive they are with people. Doing tricks and showing off for the super fun!

* The amazing and talented dancers. Beautifully made head pieces and outfits. Each one unique and very detailed. You will fall in love the music and watching it all come together is pure art.

* So much to do and see at the Aquarium but during the Night Under the Stars you will definitely enjoy learning about saving water, how the earth works and how long it takes to dispose of food/trash.

So educational and fun at the same time, this is why we love the Aquarium of the Pacific and all its staff...from fish to marine biologist, they all make the magic of sealife come to life for us all as a team!

Thank you Aquarium of the Pacific!

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