Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pet Health - Keeping our Girl Feeling Young

Keeping our Pets Healthy!

Do you have a pet? Are you like our family where you are calling your pet your kid?!

We got our first taste of being caregivers when we brought home our sweet and protective Kandi girl.

Kandi is a mut, we rescued her when she was just about 5 weeks old..super tiny. She was our first love, our first baby and to this day our best guard girl!

Kandi is not a puppy anymore...she's about 11 years old. She's not as fast, sheds a lot more and needs a lot more attention but in a different way.

We have been looking for supplements to help her hips and joints but taste like treats for her. Also important is keeping our Kandi girl flea and tickfree.

With that being said, we have tried VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint soft chews for about a month now and have had a very awesome experience thus far. I know our Kandi girl loves them since she's always so happy when she sees me go for the bag! She seems to have an extra spring in her step this last week of giving her 2 chews daily for about a month. (how many chews varies by weight) 

What is in the chews? I see ingredients that are in multi vitamins that I see on the shelf for adults too. The Hip & Joint soft chews have Glucosamine, MSM and Krill. All of these help the muscles.

We take her out to the dog park and dog run often so it is super important for us to keep her up to date on her vaccines and also her flea and tick meds. We gave her Pet Action Plus and have not seen her itching and have not found any fleas on her at all. 

I have not seen any bugs, fleas or ticks at all on her in the 4 weeks we started her on Pet Action Plus!

It had been nice to see that there is a shine to her coat that has not been there in years. I am not sure if that has to do with the ingredients in her Hip & Joint chews but hey if it is, that is an added bonus!

The best part about it...Kandi is looking good and seems to really enjoy the soft chews by VetIQ.

We love to see our first girl happy and healthy. I am looking forward to trying out more of the lines preventative care and featured items.

Have you tried VetIQ brand? Have you given your furbabies Pet Action Plus?...let me know what you and your dog think!?

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