Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Autism Friendly Tips for Disney's California Adventure

We Love the Disneyland Resort !

Here are some Autism friendly tips to help enjoy your time at Disney's California Adventure...

A lot of our family time is spent at DLR & inside the parks. 

It is a huge help when my husband is there with is but for a long time I feared going anywhere let alone Disneyland with out him having to control an outburst of emotion from my autistic son. Although he is high functioning he is still on the spectrum with sensory as well.

Fast forward to a year later after ABA therapy and preschool with speech...he has come a long way and I can take him anywhere comfortable in control. ..well most of the time haa!
I wanted to share some tips and my experience with Autism and DCA!

* The DAS pass assistance is a huge help even if you think it won't be let me tell you why it is. Because my son does not completely understand or rationalize what I am telling him in situations where he may have to wait not touch others sit still and not be so jittery it is quite impossible for him to do so without the help of the assisted pass it wouldn't happen for us calmly at all.
With the past I am able to schedule a time so that I can return on that time and the less wait the better and it is significantly less by far. Also very helpful there are the Kiosks throughout the park so that you don't have to travel back to guest services to get your next wait time and in the middle of that way you can look at something else let him or her run wild and free and then get in line again for your next wait time.

My son's favorite ride is Radiator Springs Racers.. what is your kiddos fav? We get a wait time for this ride at least 3 times. We are not cutting in front of anyone, we wait and return at the time that it would take to get through the line.. he just can't do the lines with sensory issues. 

* Stroller Access - My son has a hard time getting out of the stroller sometimes. He is in his safe zone and feel comfy in it. I asked Guest Services if there is anything to help that? I was told that with the Red Tag Sticker they can provide, the stroller can go anywhere there is wheel chair access. So, if your child just won't get out of the stroller but wants to ride the ride... either get a return time or if the ride's line is wheel chair accessible then you can fit the stroller in the line too! Depends on your child's situation but both options are there to help if needed.

* Picky eaters. What I really love about Disney is that they really do accommodate to basically anything and everything so that you can have the most pleasant time with your family that you could possibly have. Because my son is such a picky eater I am very grateful that we are allowed to bring his food and snacks inside the park, meanwhile, my daughter gets treated to a snack or treat inside the park because she on the other hand will eat anything and everything.

* Taking breaks. Sometimes everybody needs a break but when you have a disability or a challenge of any kind breaks are always appreciated. It is very easy to find a shaded spot to sit and take a break in both parks Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. The best thing about it is that you can also people watch and just enjoy the moment and take a break and then get back to getting The Wiggles out our favorite spot to do this in California Adventure is bug's land where there is water play and a family restroom as well. (A good place to do this inside of Disneyland, for example, would be around Tomorrowland Terrace and also the Tree House in between Pirates and Indiana Jones rides.)

* If you need help ask for it. At the Disneyland Resort they must go through some significant training on how to just be helpful and kind because in nine years of having annual passes I have yet to run into someone who does not want to help me out when I need it most. My son has even lost a shoe and when I went and asked if there was anyway my daughter at the time who was 7 could possibly ride one ride alone since we had just gotten into the parks and I could not find his shoe and he was not permitted to ride without shoes. The cast member went above and beyond and gave me a certificate walked me into the store and helped me pick out a pair of shoes for my son who was flipping out because he and his sister could not ride any rides. So if you are in a crunch of any kind find a cast member and just explain your situation they will go above and beyond to help figure out what they can do to make your time at the Disneyland Resort memorable and magical.

* Always ASK Guest Services... if "IT" is possible. Whatever your question may be... just ask. I went over a year without seeing World of Color with my entire family because my son could not last all day and I could not scan my husband's pass because he was not there to enter the parks so forever I thought we would never watch the show or any show for that matter all together inside of the park. One day I went up to guest services and just asked if it was possible to please get that extra fourth ticket for World of Color so we can all come back later after my son takes a break to watch the show together. They were very accommodating and allowed me to have one ticket because my husband could not enter the park to get the World of Color tickets at the time he needed to but could join us later in the evening and that was the first time we were able to watch World of Color altogether giving my son and the rest of our family the most magical experience. Thanks again Disney and remember it's always best to just ask.

Disney Family all the way!
Patience is key and knowing that there is support at Disney to help anyone get through a moment or a need is just amazingly soothing to this mom!

Just a few of the helpful tips that I use when at the Happiest Place. We are a huge Disney family and are grateful for the kindness and patience we have been shown by many castmembers! They really are amazing!


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