Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Insider Look - Remodel, Revamp and Rebirth of the Grand Legacy at the Park - Staycation Perfection

We Love Family Time Spent at The Grand Legacy at the Park!

Perfect Staycation Location in Central OC! I've got the scoop on all the new additions coming with in the next few months!

Formerly knows as Ramada Main Gate at the Park, The Grand Legacy at the Park, has been working extremely hard towards a revamp, refreshed and remodeled look for 2016! They even have a new sign up that has a star that changes color and are so proud of the date Feb 2, 2016, when they officially became known as the Grand Legacy at the Park!! I am so excited for them all too.

We have stayed at the hotel a few times and each time is a blast. (You can see my reviews and experience in previous blog posts by searching Ramada Main Gate and Grand Legacy) 

We usually hit the Disney Parks as a given when we stay at the Grand Legacy, but this time decided to hit the parks on day 2.
Did you know that they offer annual pass discounts and also early check in?! Love it!

This time since it was over Spring Break we decided to just go with the flow. What I mean to say is, take it slow, not rush through the beauty of the property itself and enjoy the things that are there for us to relax and do. 

Something fresh and fun...I had a lot of fun taking pics in the stand alone photo booth inside of the new classy lobby. 

Not going to lie, I could have sat there for an hour taking pics to post and send, but soon this fun way to share selfies at the Grand Legacy will be on their soon to be open Roof Top Lounge, The 5ifth!! 

The view of the parks behind you will be just what you want to show your family and friends at home wishing they were with you staying and playing! This is the view from the new Rooftop Lounge...

Our room with 2 Queen beds was very clean, comfortable and had everything we needed from blow dryer and refrigerator to a micro wave. That comes in handy... not only for food, but hot water, to warm Milk etc.  My kids always enjoy the super comfy beds with extra pillows.... can you tell my son was in sleep heaven?! He took a nap immediately after laying on the bed, but I woke him for pool time, of course.. hehe!

Something I like a lot, the sink space, it's the little things. Dual sinks makes it that much easier for a family of 4 to get ready, especially when there are two girls in the family that like their sink and mirror time! 

Once I told my kids the pool was heated, well that was a must do, of course.

But.... swimming at night is always fun but when you get to watch the fireworks while playing in the pool or getting out of the pool to have a snack while the Disneyland Fireworks are going on... moments like this I will cherish forever and I hope that my kids remember them too. 

Before we went to bed we took a walk around the Grand Legacy property and enjoyed some down time. There are places to eat and shop within feet of the main driveway to the hotel. 

In a few months the expansion and revamp will be totally complete. Once that is done you will be able to just walk to the front of the hotel, sit in their courtyard and relax too. The new shops will all be open soon too. They will include Alpha Gift Mart, Discount Tickets & Tours, Creamistry and get Pizza by the slice at Pizzaterian. 

I love that the Grand Legacy will have all of these places to visit right in front of their hotel, steps form their main lobby doors. Once you park your car, you can walk everywhere and enjoy the scene. 

Every spot at the Grand Legacy is great for photo ops!

Something else that will change with the expansion is breakfast. Breakfast is now served in the pool area where you can sit or take the goodies back to your room.

But... soon their 2nd floor breakfast room that can also be used for formal meetings and such, will serve hot breakfast in addition to their continental style breakfast they do now. Check out the space that will soon be open for breakfast time! 

Okay so here is an insider look at everything that will soon be ready to enjoy at the Grand Legacy at the Park!

Soon to be outdoor seating area for Breakfast with it's own gate access, by room key!
Hot Tip - Soon the grand Legacy at the Park will offer a brunch that will be held on the roof top. Even if you are not a guest you can purchase the brunch and enjoy the view. I can not wait for this! Have some brunch, head into the parks, much cheaper than inside the parks too!

New Rooms - Pictured here is the three room suite available in the new building opening soon.

Double Queens New head boards and style of bedding. 

Frosted Bathroom Doors - so Classy and Pretty!

Details are Key - Can you see the Diamonds? Celebrating Disneyland 60th! 

Living Room area of the 3 bedroom suite. How fun would a multi family vacay be!?
We can not wait to return for another fun time of stay and play at the Grand Legacy at the Park. My daughter is super excited for the outdoor breakfast area. Who doesn't like to enjoy the view while eating a little breakfast?! I sure do!

Until next time.... Our Tsum Tsum friends travel with my kids and loved the stay as well!

Have you stayed at the Grand Legacy before? What do you love most?
Are you as excited about the rooftop lounge, The 5ifth, as I am?!

Leave me a comment and let me know!!

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