Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Grand Legacy at the Park Partners with My Cup Counts to Give Back Locally

We LOVE the Grand Legacy at the Park! 

Our Fav Staycation Spot Just Won Us over Even More by Supporting Special Needs Adults in our Local Community

PC Grand Legacy of the New Rooftop Lounge - TheFifth
As if the renovations and new roof top bar, The Fifth, were not enough to entice me to keep coming back to the Grand Legacy at the Park, they have given me more reason to with their partnership with My Cup Counts.  
First Give Back Match Donation Check
My Cup Counts is an organization located in Anaheim, where special needs adults are employed, trained, educated and hopefully graduate into a job of their ability. In collaboration with My Day Counts, My Cup Counts, is on a fast track to give back to our local community in a big way!

The facility does everything in house on location from bean to pod. The beans are the only part of the story that are brought in. They are also the highest quality coffee beans you can find, top 3% in the world.

From the grind down, filling, packing, customizing and shipping out, it is all done right here in Anaheim and by Special Needs adults with the highest precision and quality you can find.

The Grand Legacy at the Park has always supported organizations with open arms and willingness to see how they too can help. On February Second, the day they officially became The Grand Legacy at the Park, they also announced their partnership in support of My Cup Counts. 

The Grand Legacy at the Park is the first Hotel to partner with My Cup Counts and after talking to The Grand Legacy team they have made it clear that they are beyond happy to support and still get the best quality coffee and tea in their guests rooms. 

The Grand Legacy at the Park has taken this one step further. Did you know that you can donate $1.00 per day to the organization at check in. So for each day you stay and play you will be giving a $1.00 back that will be matched by the Grand Legacy, if you choose to do so!

The Grand Legacy has already donated a match back check for the first quarter of their give back campaign. That's amazing! 

What's this all mean? 
Community supporting Community! That is it. Plain and simple...Giving back to those right here local to us. Helping support the efforts of those dedicated to train Special Needs adults to do a job that you or I too would do. To support the education and promoting that everyone needs an opportunity to do great things. Great things that may be small to you or I are HUGE to others. 

We are so proud to stay at The Grand Legacy at the Park and know that they are doing great things to support where ever they can. Makes my stay with my family special in it's own way since our son is Special Needs too. He is high functioning Autism and I too hope that the opportunity if needed would be there for the taking to be able to hit more of the goals everyone strives for in their own lives daily!

You can find out all about My Day Counts HERE and My Cup Counts HERE. You can order coffee or tea and support and even customize your order!

Check out all that The Grand Legacy at the Park has going on and book a room for your next So Cal trip HERE!

Perfect for Summer fun.... 

PC Grand Legacy - View from TheFifth

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