Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pretend City Annual Fun Wellness Fair Saturday

Fun & Wellness Fair coming up on Saturday May 21 9am-2pm. 

This is +Pretend City Children's Museum 7th Annual Fun & Wellness Fair.

PC Pretend City

The Fun focuses on keeping kids healthy and striving for their success in every aspect of life.

At the fair, Pretend City offering free developmental screenings for children up to age 10.

This is where my son got another evaluation on speech a year ago and we were referred to a speech therapist. Very grateful for these resources!

These screenings are so important for early childhood development because they can gauge whether kids are reaching developmental milestones, or maybe what areas they need to work on. Research shows that screenings are crucial to catch possible developmental delays and help kids receive the aid they need to succeed academically and socially.

The screenings Pretend City is offering are as follows:

• Speech and language

• Social and emotional

• Developmental

• Vision

• Hearing

• Dental

• Body Mass Index
(subject to change without notice)

Also, to make things even more exciting, each child that completes 3 health screenings will receive a free ticket to Pretend City Children’s Museum. When you visit all the booths, you’ll be entered to win a special prize! They will also have parent resources, yummy food, fun games, live performances, and special vendors!
Head out to Pretend City with your family this Saturday for the fun and wellness too! Get all the updated info here.

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