Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ringling Bros Circus is Truly Out of This World

Out Of This World 

Ringing Bro. Barnum & Bailey Circus Recap

Friday night we attended the Opening Night of +Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the +HondaCenterAnaheim . Thank you to both the venue and event for a wonderful experience. 

The Circus has a brand new show in town - Out Of This World is wonderful!

We have been going to the circus for years and it is nice to see that Ringling Bros have taken steps to retire their elephants to their forever homes while keeping that Circus Feeling alive. 

My kids and I decided that since dad was working we would take Papou (grandpa). My parents used to take me when I was a kid and I thought it would be great to have him there to see my kids enjoy the fun. 

All of us had a great time. There are plenty of souvenirs to pick through and a lot of things to snack on.

Of course we had to get the Lemonade and A bag, that doubled as a Hat, of popcorn. Yum

Our Favorites of the evening:

* The Clowns - always a good pre show with the clowns running around and in the crowds. 

* Trapeze acts - Like you were in Vegas and watching the acts fly high above. It was so mesmerizing. Best part was the aerial bubble dance - that was so cool. My kids loved how the dancers seemed to be in and out of the bubbles mid air dancing! 


* Motorcycle Madness - Wow, no words to really describe the daring 7 motorcycle sphere act! It is a must see for sure. We were on edge with 5 cycles in there but then the performers added 2 more... So exciting to see live!

* On Ice - It was wonderful that the ice skating was on point with music and story line. There is action and teamwork from everyone to work against the mean intergalactic queen. The ringmaster just wants everyone to be one!

* Basket Ball Unicycles - Rocking the hoops on unicycles these athletes were jamming from hoop to hoop. This was really fun to watch . My son was stuck on this part of the circus and was asking for more "bicycle basketball" haha! 

* Tradition - It has been tradition for me to do some of the things that my parents did with us and bring in some new things into our family mix too. But... this is one that I hope to have my kids pass on and do with their kids. It's just a good family outing and about 2.5 hours (with intermission) of family time together seeing what's new at the circus. 

I hope that you get a chance to see Ringling Bros. Circus this year too. The Out Of This World show is brilliantly done to keep you entertained the whole time!

Get the deets on the remaining show times and places in the southland here.

Where will our +Mazda USA CX5 test drive take us next.........

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