Friday, August 19, 2016

Back To School Retro Style Shopping for the Whole Family at the Outlets of Orange

Back to School Fashion is On Point at the Outlets of Orange 

PC Simon Malls Outlets at Orange

Bringing back the style and fashion looks of the 80's and 90's the retro bold fun is back in apparel this year! #TBTBTS

We are just now getting back to school ready. Maybe it is cause we love summer and maybe it's because we like to cram as much family fun into the days of summer that we can get. 

Towards the end of summer we start to check out the Back to School Fashion and coolest finds. This year we are looking at Outlets of Orange to outfit us all. 

Glancing over some of the back to school wear at the outlets, I am super excited to get over there and shop, since It's not just the kids that need a few new things!

With so many options at the Outlets of Orange I am sure we will find back to school outfits for all of us. The kids are so excited to shop too. 

Why are they excited? Well.... I showed them a bunch of "What's Trending" photos of the 80's and 90's when I was in school and guess what... the 80's and 90's fashion is making a come back too!

That is my era people!!!!! So let's do this... ohh reliving my youth with some nostalgia and fun dressing up my kiddos now!

With the fun of Nintendo hits coming back with a fierce punch to the gaming world, it's no wonder why Princess Peach is now my daughters fav too, so it looks like were on a mission to find some of my childhood trends too.

Hot list for my 9yo:
* New Back Pack 
* New Shoes
* New Fashion Tops - no skinny tank straps so we are on the hunt for thick straps and short sleeves
* New Leggings - she would live in these things if she could
* New Shorts -  hard to find for my 9yo that is over 5'2" tall and doesn't like shorts to be too short but modest on her long legs!
* New Nintendo ANYTHING lol

Hot List for my 4yo:
* New Shorts (this kid puts holes in everything he puts on)
* New Shirts (he is high functioning Autism, but he has some sensory, so finding the best shirt for him is a WIN WIN in my book)
* New Shoes - this boy loves his kicks!
* New Super Hero ANYTHING! No Joke... he swears hes Capt America!

For us adults:
* Looking for a few outfits for B2S Fall Photo shoot.
* Matching outfits not completely but similar to mesh together with the kids too.

Check back soon to see what we shopped for and came home with for B2S Ready fashion from the Outlets of Orange! Outfit photos to come!

Don't forget to tag your social media photos of your Outlets of Orange Back To School Outfits with #TBTBTS for a chance to win Simon Mall Gift Cards or even a $5k shopping spree!

Get all the info on the Outlets of Orange here.

Happy Back to School Everyone!

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