Sunday, January 22, 2017

Monster Jam - Perfect Family Fun with Another January Show

Monster Jam at Angel's Stadium - One More Show This Month!

There is something for everyone! Girls, Boys, Young and Old! I can not get enough out of how much fun all of us had and for different reasons too!

It was my son's first Monster Jam show and although my daughter and hubs have been a few times, I was not sure how Mikey would do, or how his autism sensory would handle the noise. None the less we were so eager to go that we quickly jammed over right after my daughter's soccer game.

The stadium was packed!! I can see that it sells out each event and I know after my experience why!

Amazing! The whole show is awesome.  There are loud roars, cheers and everyone is in the best mood rooting for their favorite Monster Trucks.

Of course my girl was all into the ladies of the dirt hehe and my husband has been a Grave Digger fan for life... but for me... the best part was seeing my son actually enjoy every moment of it. 

He was asking me about the trucks, excited to see them race and screamed with anticipation when a truck would get close to rolling over!

My heart was full!!

Sensory - let's talk about that.... I did not have any issues with noise and how loud it got and we were fairly close to the action. My kids were fine and Mikey who has some sensory issues was in no need of assistance at all. On the flip side.. if you know you or your kiddos have a need for ear phones or ear covers, please bring them.. it is very loud!

Length of show was perfect with an intermission in between. That gave us time to use the restroom, stretch and grab a bite to snack on.

Overall we loved it. We want to go back, can not wait to go back and hope we have the opportunity to return asap!

Again the show sells out and it is an event to see!

Even if you are not a huge Monster Truck fan...go once and feel the power of the trucks rumble your seat and the strangers next to you cheering on so loud you can't help but smile. It really is awesome to be part of.

Something we missed due to soccer was the pre-show Pit Party! I will not miss that next time.

I hear the Pit Party was amazing and you get to see some of the trucks up close and personal. Huge Monster Trucks that thrash to compete just hours later... yes please! I need to get my kids that close hehe!

Please see our recap video here!

Have you been to Monster Jam? Let me know what you thought?

Happy Sunday everyone!

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