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6 Helpful Tips For the Most Fun at Pirate's Dinner Adventure PLUS #Giveaway #PiratesDinnerCA

Ahoy There Matey!

We had the best time at Pirate's Dinner Adventure this weekend.

I wanted to share our favs, top tips and loves about the show. There is so much to see and do before, during and after the show so get your best ARGGG ready 'cause here we goooo....

I personally loved our experience, all ages walked in excited and left talking non stop about their evening. We took my 76yo dad, two pre teens, a 5yo on the autism spectrum, my husband and I...we all raved about it all night! (some of us are still talking about it)

Let's Get to it....

Helpful tips:

* Get there early for check in. I would say 1.5 to 2 hours before the show. I know that sounds like a lot of time but it's perfect. There is a small line for check in. Then you are able to take a photo before walking into the Pirates Crew lounge. Inside the lounge there are tables and chairs to relax in. There's also a bar for drinks. While you enjoy the scenery you are served appetizers and a mini pre show comes on 30 minutes before you are taken in for seating. Don't miss any of this!

* The Pre Show - a must see. The pre show sets the stage for the story line and explains with in the entertainment what is going on and as you enter the show pics up where the pre show story left off... I loved this. 

It kept the kids busy before the show all enjoyed some snacks and we looked around at the souvenirs.


* Special Needs and Handicap friendly. Pirate's Dinner Adventure goes above and beyond to support the needs of anyone asking. If you know you may need a handicap seat, just ask. If you think your ASD family member may do better a few rows back from the front of the action, just ask. If you need special seating for sensory or handicap, just ask. 

I detail out a bit more below as far as the amazing customer service for special needs Pirate's offers but they go above and beyond for a dinner and show venue.

* Meet and Greet the show cast! After the show stay behind a few moments. 


Head down to the bottom towards the ship and you can meet, take photos with & chat with the pirates and more.... 

Can't forget a photo with the Captain! (usually after the show depending on timing)

* Add on's - Celebrate with a special something... 

Wow Pirate's offers celebration packages, which you can see on their website at http://piratesdinneradventureca.com/upgrade-your-adventure/

* Translators - as if their service wasn't top notch already... Pirate's Dinner Adventure can provide scripts to those with hearing issues, and they can also schedule an ASL interpreter with at least two weeks advanced notice. What?! Seriously they are amazing at Pirate's!

Get ready to really enjoy an interactive show and be part of the fun if you want to... there's many ways that the Crew gets kids, adults and all audience mingled in with the show! Loved that so much!

Let me get down to the nitty gritty of the food..right?! Okay so really there are so many options +Pirate's Dinner Adventure ! 

* Plentyful Food and Options 

Vegetable Soup or House Salad with Ranch or Italian Dressing

Dessert: (every meal except when alternative is given - vegan, gluten free)
Chocolate Fudge Brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, drizzled with Chocolate Syrup.

Adult Meal:
Roasted Quarter Chicken Leg & Thigh (Bottomless upon request.)
Shrimp and Vegetable Skewers
Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Veggies (Peas, Carrots, Green Beans)

Child Meal:
Breaded Chicken Nuggets with Mashed Potatoes and Mac n’Cheese, and Fruit (Melon Mix)

Vegetarian Meal:
Butternut Squash Ravioli filled with Ricotta, Asiago and Parmesan Cheese. Topped with Alfredo sauce and diced tomatoes, with a side of Carrots.

Vegan Meal: (No Animal Products)
Starter: Dry House Salad
Entree: Baked Vegetable Tower topped with a Balsamic Vinaigrette
Dessert: Slushie (Peach, Raspberry, or Blueberry, depending on what is available at the bar)

Gluten-Free Meal: 
Starter: Vegetable Soup or House Salad
Entree: Roasted Chicken, and Shrimp and Vegetable Skewers with Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Veggies.
Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream

So really basically something for everyone! Even my picky eater, who also brought in a small snack bag of Gold Fish since he has an autism diet of 8 things, ate a few chicken nuggets. 

OH! He may or may not have but totally did.... Feed a gold fish to the Purple Pirate...yes you read that correctly... talk about making a kid smile!!! Purple pirate you went above and beyond to see my boy enjoy your entertainment... thank you! 

The Pirates noticed my son had some over excitement and with a wink they played it up and hammed him up to interact with them too. THANK YOU! Well done, well done and well read by looking at my boy's actions!

Everyone had a fantastic time. The food was great and the show was amazingly well done. You forget you are in the size of a medium arena and lose yourself in the crew of the ship!

My daughter and Niece had such a good time going on stage they could not stop talking about how the Ship felt when they were all standing there with the Captain! 

There are so many opportunities for the audience to get involved and that is special too. 

Memories in the making and traditions in the future to come back for more.

I have to give an extra shout out to the Pirates who made my 76yo father feel like he was one of the Pirate's in his youth. Joking, laughing, teasing, playing along and bringing the humor out in everyone around us. It was GREAT!

Follow along on their social media for updates, specials and all sorts of Pirate's fun! #PiratesDinnerCA #PiratesDinnerAdventure 

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But... Mateys it does NOT stop there.... the best Pirate's around have given us a family 4 pack to raffle off too!!!! Enter Below and Good Luck to all you Land Lubbers!

Thanks again +Pirate's Dinner Adventure for an adventure on the High Seas we will never forget!

Cheers to that hehe...

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