Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lido Theater a Blast From the Past Must Vist Movie Theater #LidoTheater

Come One, Come All, to the Magnificent Lido Theater in Newport Beach!

Okay now pretend I said that in my best announcer voice from the theater cage at the entrance of the Lido Theater Box Office .... yes that iconic moment is what I felt as I walked up to the one manned old fashioned beautiful ticket booth.
Perfectly located at the entrance to Newport, along a row of foodie options, untouched and iconic landmark is the grand Lido Theater.

With one master screen, stadium seating, a balcony with seating, original snack bar with popcorn machine, the Lido Theater is the most quaint blast from the past spot to catch a flick in SoCal!


This theater, a local favorite of Bette Davis (she even helped design the sitting room in the ladies restroom), has seen years of stage goers and theater buffs.


Here are some fun facts...
* Celebrating it's 80th anniversary next year, the Lido Theater opened in 1938!
* Still Features some of the original Catalina Tilework.
*  Home to the Newport Beach Film Festival closing night and Gala.
* Plenty of food and drink option in the Lido Theater area with plenty of parking too.

After its recent renovation and upgrades I can honestly say that it was kept as original in the best ways possible.

It was our first time seeing a movie in the Lido Theater and we loved it. It's perfect for a matinee or night out!
The sound and lights, as well as the music played prior to the movie starting, take you back to a different time.
A time where date night was a live show, a night out was the theater, it was appreciated and a unique experience.


That feeling is there when visiting this beautiful structure.
I can't wait to see another movie at Lido Theater... ohh Cars 3 will be showing there as of Friday!
Don't forget to grab a treat on your way out... seriously I am in LOVE!

If you get a chance, check it out too, it really was a really iconic old school & in a way happy emotional experience that I will go back to for more shows!
Happy Summer fun & go explore OC,

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