Friday, July 28, 2017

Burke Williams Summer Refresh #Giveaway

Happy Summer Everyone!

Glad to see you have made it this far.... I know right!
We moms, working women, ladies... we have a lot going on. SUMMER starts out relaxed and just turns into a lot of on the go fun but exhausting play.
Here is a super fresh and body good giveaway from our awesome friends at Burke Williams ... they know they we all need to be pampered sometimes.
PC Burke Williams

They also know how important it is to take care of our bodies.

Let's celebrate the almost end of summer with a pat on the back... the kids have had fun, we have not lost any of them, we're more than half way there and we're still loving it but...we will need some pampering that is for sure!
Burke Williams is celebrating YOU! Thank you to BW for the reminder to treat your body and soul good!
Enter to win Buff (one of the most popular products in Burke Williams exclusive H2V skincare line) and a 3 Day Spa Pass (spa pass good for three trips to Burke Williams to use the amenities and receive 20% off services)!!
Buff is a fantastic exfoliant that's ideal for sun kissed summer skin and treating pores that may become clogged from outdoor activity. More info on Buff below, and images attached for your consideration.
PC Burke Williams

Buff ($45) is one of Burke Williams' best selling products.
It's a refining exfoliant with microdermabrasion crystals and cornmeal that provides even and complete exfoliation.
Great for teens, men and women, this is a fantastic product that could be an ideal (and affordable) gift for yourself or the special someone in your life.
Bentonite clay assists with detoxifying to maintain fresh looking and healthy skin.
All of Burke Williams H2V products are available for purchase in their online store too!
Enter below to win both Buff for the body and a 3 day spa pass below... Happy Summer,

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