Monday, August 14, 2017

CIGNA Health Coaches Give Health Tips for a Great Disney Half Marathon Run! #CignaRunTogether #DisneylandHalf


Last year I had the opportunity to attend the fitness info fun at Cigna's pre run social gathering.
It wad amazing! High energy, lots of health information and tips and most importantly the mind, body and soul listing well and of course.... Disney magic.
Did you know that spending 5 hours at the Disneyland Resort walking can give you about 10k steps!?
** I know it, I've done it, I didn't even realize it and I love doing it! **
Have you participated in RunDisney?! Maybe a voluntEAR?! Or run in it yourself?

Any way you participate it's all about loving the healthiest you can while having fun doing it...
That's why we love Cigna's role in RunDisney!
Cigna Health Coaches help teach us how to incorporate different techniques into training to boost energy and help runners meet goals – whether you are running your first race or 30th!
Below are training topics with resources you can use from Cigna on your social channels or blog. On social media we’re using the #CignaRunTogether hashtag and #DisneylandHalf event hashtag to join the conversation.
Fitness training for new moms:
Finding a balance between your new family's needs and practicing self-care can be challenging. Brittany, a Cigna Health Coach, offers strategies to stay healthy and active as a new mom during this exciting time.
Components of a successful training program:
Can more sleep make you faster? How about flexibility training? Or cross-training? Antonio, a Cigna Health Coach, shares tips to catch your zzz’s and have a successful training program.
Video – Three components of a successful program
Video – 6 Stretches to Increase Flexibility
Sources and Video credentials credit to
* Antonio Williams, M.S., NASM, P.E.S, Health Engagement Consultant
* Brittany Onufrak, MS, CWP, Cigna Health Educator, Consumer Health Engagement
Now it's time to say... ChEARs and good luck to all running & thank you to all volunteering.
Get more info on all things Health/Disney Run related with Cigna here.
Teamwork makes the dream work... live well!

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