Friday, August 4, 2017

Team Building Event at Grand Legacy At The Park! The Fifth, Jimboys, Galaxy OC, Fireworks, Swimming & More...

It's no secret that we love Grand Legacy at the Park!

We have had our fair share of fun staying at Grand Legacy At The Park hotel for family fun, staycations, anniversary getaways and just random visits to close local fun with a night away.

One thing we had never done, until this weekend, was stay at our fav hotel with a bunch of girls using the time away for soccer club team bonding building event.
Who would have thought right?!
Well we had 11 girls and 9 sleep over in their beautiful and huge Grand Legacy three room suite!
With plenty of space, 2 refrigerators, 2 microwaves, 4 beds, a sleeper sofa, two full bathrooms and views of the Disneyland Parks they will never forget, our experience was nothing short of perfection.

I really couldn't have asked for our stay to have gone better.
We checked in and the suite was ready early. The girls got ready for the pool and we took them down for a swim and of course water fights in the splash pad area.

Our awesome soccer coach surprised the girls with a drop in visit and told them they had some game strategy business to chat about... they soon realized it was just a joke and he expected them to push him into the pool for fun! It took these sweet girls a bit to get it but once they did, let's just say, coach ended up swimming 3x!

So fun and well swimming makes you so hungry!!
Did you know that Jim Boy's Tacos delivers from their location in front of the hotel directly to the front desk?! Yes they sure do. We ordered dinner for the team and sat poolside munching and chatting. Their laughter and smiles... I'll never forget them!
We all love Jim Boy's so we crunched down some tasty tacos, burritos and quesadillas and went up to the suite to get the girls ready for their dessert and fireworks up at The Fifth rooftop lounge!
8pm reservation and we made it! Chris, the manager, took us right over to our table, the Battle of the Bands was just beginning and the girls were loving it. Dancing and rocking out to a variety of local artists. So much fun!

We ordered them some dessert and set up for fireworks. I can not even tell you how beautiful the view is of the Disneyland Resort let alone the fireworks from The Fifth rooftop lounge!!

I have gone live many times only cause I want as many people to see the magical moment that can be seen from The Fifth... we are lucky to have this rooftop lounge right here in Anaheim!
10pm means curfew for guest under 21 at The Fifth. We packed the girls up and headed down to the suite.
I love that they all wanted to slumber party in the parlor room of the suite. So much room and plenty of space to walk around, they all fit comfortably, on the parlor room in sleeping bags. Series team sleepover and it went better than I could have ever expected!

The girls sat up chatting and playing... some major team building went down!
In the morning the girls got up early and grabbed their snack bag poolside and we treated them to donuts while parents picked up their kiddos!
This was the first time we stayed at The Grand Legacy at the Park for a team event and it will not be the last!
Thank you to The Grand Legacy at the Park for always giving us the most amazing service and to the Fifth OC for hosting a memorable night for our Galaxy OC girls team!
There were a few girls that had never seen Disneyland Fireworks so it was a complete dream to see their faces light up the rooftop and enjoy every moment of their stay.
My. Heart. Is. Full!
For more info on reserving a table at The Fifth and to book a room at Grand Legacy at the Park hotel please visit here!
Happy Summer!

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