Monday, March 26, 2018

Boysenberry Everything at Knott's Berry Farm #BoysenberryFestival & Our Must Tastes

The Boysenberry Festival Now Through April 8th at Knotts Berry Farm!!

It's official.. we are in Boysenberry overload mode... and we like it... a lot.

In fact we want to go back for more... now through April 8th you too can experience everything Boysenberry at Knott's Berry Farm! (edited... below you can see we returned)

From food to drinks and special sweet treats it's a special seasonal event for Boysenberry fans.
You can purchase the tasting card with 8 eats for $30.

New with the tasting card this year... we liked that you can mix and match and we may have gotten a few of the elote option... sorry not sorry it's so good!
Here is everything you need to know, eat, drink & do at Knott's Berry Farm during Boysenberry Festival...

* Eat and Drink everything!
That's it... seriously though my husband and I went back for round two! $25 for a wine beer snack tasting... hello date day, it was perfect.

Okay really there is a lot more that just the food, sweets and drinks.
Visit Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang for a Spring Picture!

Catch a show!

Shop... There are many vendors with specialty items.

We loved the local bee keepers boysenberry honey! Oh the live bees on hand were berry cool too! Hehe.
Pick up a favorite souvenir or basket for family and friends as a Berry nice surprise! 

From hats, beanies, soaps, scents and more the isles are filled with anything and everything Boysenberry you can imagine!

Check out our recap vlog here on YouTube too!
Our family favorites this year were focused in food and drinks.
* Boysenberry BBQ Wings

* Boysenberry Sausage with Boysenberry Mustard and Boysenberry Catsup

* Elote with Boysenberry Everything

* Boysenberry Boba

* Boysenberry Short Ribs in Boysenberry Sauce

* Coconut Macaroon

* Boysenberry Quesadilla - warm, cheesy, good!

* Adult Favorite drink - Boysenberry Beer Cider Mix!

We really did love everything on the tasting card but we could have gone and well okay we did go for round two on our favorites!

Hot Tip... Since an annual pass is affordable you can treat the family to spending a day enjoying the festival not in line for rides.
Hot Tip 2... If you don't think you will be able to get into Knott's for the festival, you can always visit the Market Place, there you will find all sorts of everything Boysenberry. From baked goods like this cannoli to jams and even coffee. Most things you can take to-go for at home can be found here.

Have you been? What's your favorites?
Are you going? What do you most want to taste, do or bring home!?
Have a Berry week everyone! Oh, don't forget that Boysenberry Day... see you all at the Berry Farm!

All Opinions are my own. Thank you to Knott's for the invite to experience and share my thoughts.




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