Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Camping Meal Planning Made Easy for Our Trip To Yosemite Lakes RV Resort

Happy Camping with Easy Meals That Fill You Up!

Since our visit to Yosemite Lakes RV Resort was such a hit from exploring to meals, I wanted to recap the meal planning so that it may help others packing for camping too.
Our stay at Thousand Trails with GoRving was in a Park Model RV - you can read all about our full 4 day trip to Yosemite Lakes RV Resort here.
The Park Model RV made it super easy to meal plan. Imagine a small cabin like space that sleeps up to 6 and has a BBQ. It's like a mini RV experience without having to purchase an RV unless you are already ready for that adventure!

Here is a simple breakdown of our meals.. remember that each family was responsible for a main dish, side dish for another days meal, dessert for another days meal and also breakfast/lunch pot luck style ideas.

It is super beneficial to chat with the families going ahead of time so that you can plan and prep as needed.

Night 1 - Arrival after a long drive we were all super hungry. Fuel for the body is key when outdoor activities are planned. Rest is also ideal for another days fun...
Quick Snack while dinner was plated... Ceviche a few ways by Angie.

BBQ Chicken and Carne Asada with Rice and Beans main dish by Angie with Sliced steak and Shrimp Rick (Mary's awesome cousin who has an RV!)

Street Corn on the Grill - Mary

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Me!

Wash and dry berries
1/2 bar melting chocolate
1/2 bag semi sweet or dark chocolate morsels
Bring chocolate melter or microwave chocolates in 30 second increments not to burn
Dip berries and let's cool and dry
Serve with a cocktail or as family style dessert around a campfire
Day 2 Ready for Yosemite Hikes!
Breakfast Pot Luck with all the random mix from each family.
Bacon, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, fruit, sausages, potatoes w bell pepper and onion

Lunch - Keep is Simple... Leftovers, Noodles and sandwiches with chips. BBQ Hot Dogs and Burgers as needed. Bring a pack or two of each to have on hand.
Dinner that Night

Campsite Chili by Me...

Semi-homemade Camping Chili (recipe is for 4.. just double or triple as needed)
5 cans chili beans
1 can other bean. I like to use kidney beans
1/2 lb ground turkey or ground beef
1 regular chili spice pack
1 mild chili spice pack  (use hot for a kick)
Few pinches of salt and pepper to taste
Drain grease from meat
Simmer with seasonings and ready to go

Serve with sour cream and onions with cheese on top
Sweet Cornbread by Angela

Girl Scout inspired Campfire Banana Smores by Mary

Day 3 Eat and Go... Ready to head back into Yosemite for a full day but first playing with recreational amenities at the campground resort!

Breakfast - Lemonades, Breakfast Bars, Bacon..

Lunch on the trails... Chorizo Burritos made before we left and Leftovers heated in Rick's RV

Night Falls and Hunger Growls... Evening Day 3

Pasta With Meatball Sauce Mary
Broccoli Side - Me!

Wash veggies
Steam over stove, in microwave if available or grill on BBQ.
Add lemon pepper or salt to taste for the perfect green side.
Cheesecake Galore DIY Angela

Day 4 - Last Day at RV Resort.

On Your Own... since we all checked out at different times it was a free for all.
Bacon, Eggs, English Muffins and Fruit

Food shouldn't be what you stress on and we did not worry one bit about what 19 kids and adults were going to eat!
Suggestions to bring for snacks and outings..
Your favorites... here are some of ours.... granola bars, fruits, veggies, raw nuts, noodle soups, chips and sandwich fixings for easy snacks and on the go bites.  
Happy Trails.....

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