Monday, October 8, 2018

Disney Channel Brings Surprises & Inspiration in their Fall Line-up!

A Magical first time visit to the Disney Studios in Burbank seeing some previews of what's to come on Disney Channel this fall!

Thanks to Disney Channel PR & Kristin for a morning on the Walt Disney Animation Lot we will never forget.

All opinions are my own, well and my daughters, we are grateful to have been invited & loved the previews.
Zoe and I have Disney Channel show marathons. It's hard to keep up with Girl Scouts, Soccer and of course school but we have mom daugjter date nights in home for just this!
We get connected to the shows we love and we sure do love the Disney Channel Fall Line up... we have our favorites so this was such a special treat. We may have cried a little at some Andi Mack cliffhangers, laughed a lot and felt the pixie dust today with my girl!
We have got the full scoop and some hints to some surprises this week...
Andi Mack - New Andi Mack was our highlight. Watch tonight as the new season picks up where last season left off but it will definitely leave you wanting more next week. Can't wait to watch it again tonight after soccer. Monday's at 8pm. I don't even want to say too much besides you have to see what happens next...

Ravens Home - Of course my girl (I swear right lol) Raven-Symone cracks me up... now she and her costars hab e my daughter laughing too. When I told my kiddo about the history of watching Raven when I was young and now having kids I can still relate to her.. we made the connection of Disney Channel greats together. Go girl go! Have you seen Ravens Home? It's a really funny show with a lot of reality day to day life in it. Love it. New surprises to watch out for Thursday Oct. 11th
Coop and Cami - New to the line up Coop and Cami is super cute and comedic. I mean what isn't funny about a great game of "would you rather"... I know right! The kids will love it, the parents will relate and everyone laughs! Check it out.
There will also be a sweet surprise that is motivational, inspirational and of course empowering! I can't say too much but look out tonight for a special peek later this evening too.. you will know what I mean!!

It's one you will want to jam to and love... it will be LEGENDARY!

Generations of  love for the Mouse House...
In our home we grew up on Disney Channel and now my kids love it too. My 11yo had the most pixie dust filled time on the Disney Lot meeting some of her favorite Disney stars.
My Zoe has always had dreams to become a Disney Kid and one day make the Mickey ears on T.V. so it was a mamas dream to see her mingle with the sweet kids. Since she wants to interview kids too this was a great opportunity to ask a few questions.

Her favorite question & answer... to Sofia from Andi Mack. Question.. When did you start dancing and sports? Answer.. when she was nine. A simple connection to bring kids together... chatting!! Loved that moment for Zoe so much.
More to come...
Fun tip.. follow along on social media too.. you can get all the latest news, updates and more deets on surprises on line too!
Hint hint.. here are the hashtags to keep up with too...
#AndiMack  #RavensHomeRemix  #CoopandCami
Okay so who else is excited to see what Disney Channel has lined up for fall!?
As always we want to help Disney spread love and hope you too #ChooseKindness !

Don't forget it all starts tonight!!

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