Thursday, October 18, 2018

Our Top 5 Favorite Go To Restaurants in OC!

Restaurant Hot List OnTheGoOC Style...

There are so many great sit down Restaurants and hang out spots in OC but these are currently my top 5 for a variety of reasons.
From how well they accommodate our OnTheGoOC lifestyle when we're out, date night friendly and also how their menu holds up to our ever changing need for different tastes as a family! 
Let's jump right in... You may want to visit one of these tonight...
The FIFTH OC Rooftop is rolling in for us at number 1!

We just enjoy it and have in so many different ways over the last few years.

So, since it's family friendly, has live music most nights, is date night perfect, offers views of the Disney fireworks, brings a tasty menu & delish desserts and of course weekly specials that can keep any budget friendly for family time or date... it's our style!
I have brought a whole club soccer team up to The FIFTH, some with allergies but, everyone was able to eat and enjoy the evening.

Dietary can be accommodated and autism friendly is key, there are often large games out to play and the views of the Disneyland Resort are top notch while keeping little occupied until the Fireworks. 

Best of all you can even rent out the rooftop for a party, company event, reunion, wedding and much more. Really a magical spot for a fun date or a family fun night out. 

Where else can you find views of Disneyland, fireworks, full bar, tasty eats, pixie dust filled desserts, weekly events and live bands all rooftop... I know right!?
Weekly Events & Live music.. yes you read that!
My husband and I have gone on dates to watch bands like No Duh.. a really great No Doubt cover band and have even taken our family to see a friends band play live for the first time over the summer.

Music sounds amazing and cuts out for a mini break during the Disneyland Fireworks.. be there on time, make reservations and really enjoy.
Perfect for families too, since it's over 21 after 10pm, (right after fireworks with Disney music playing, weather permitting) and you don't need to be a guest of the hotel to enjoy the rooftop! 
Sometimes we randomly do a mom night or friends get together since there's always something going on like the fun Tiki Tuesday's or The Summer promotion that ran for The 5th of each month giving you a discount if you mentioned "What the Fifth". Keeping it fun and fresh too.

The FIFTH always has promotions going on for happy hour, specials of the week and more on social media too! Follow on IG here & sign up for their emails here.
Las Brisas in OC - beachside great for date night beach scene and a changing patio menu to keep up with the seasons. Chef likes to bring in Latin flavors to fresh exciting variety of dishes I just crave!

Happy hour is ideal for date with a sunset beach view. My favorite is anything really.

Fish is done to perfection and any seafood plate really is fresh and full of flavors that keep me coming back for more. 
Lazy Dog Café - fun to be dogs best friend while serving up amazing dishes. Season treats are appreciated. When thought is put into a changing menu to feature local flavors and fruits or veggies, I just fall in love!

Leaving us full of flavor and with plates large enough to share, but why would you, Lazy Dog also offers a full bar with T.V's. Great for after soccer game hang outs or family outings since they are very autism friendly and dietary accommodating.

Each time I visit I try something new and love it. Pairings are well done. Also they now have a brews club!
Lucille's BBQ - we tend to eat out family style for birthdays, celebrations and more. When we have a meal with my brothers family there are often 11 of us eating!

Lucille's is perfect for not only the tastiest BBQ but also ideal for family style meal eating with all the fixins. They also love to give back to autism awareness and often partner with other non profits to raise awareness. Love it. 

Barilla Restaurants at South Coast - pasta lovers unite. Okay so here is what's so great about Barilla. Not only are they serving their amazing pastas fresh they are also offering an array of dishes like pizzas that are extremely tasty!

They have some lovely wine on selection as well and fresh berry juice for the kids that mine loved. Best part... they are testing out a new pasta straw, so cute and it works! 

Newest addition to the menu is the Red Lentil Pasta and the Chick Pea Pasta. Amazing! Each has a bite to it as gluten free would but my family fell in love with the sauce and pasta combo.
My daughter was asking for more sauce and it's a vegan dish when ordered in house too! Winning. 
These top 5 really wrap up what my blog us all about... food.. family.. fun and what local hot spots can bring the best of that great trio to life for us.
Each has their own great qualities to your visit but as you can see all of our top five bring unique flavors to fill the cravings and entertainment too. You just have to decide what avenue you want to taste test first.
That's a wrap for now... I hope to have another list of kid friendly specific as well as date night dining lists soon too. 

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