Monday, November 5, 2018

No Weigh TUESDAY at Yogurtland November 13th - Are You Ready?!

Hey hey hey - It's No Weigh Tuesday at Yogurtland Next week!!


On Tuesday, November 13th from 4-9pm, go in and fill your cup with as much Yogurtland flavors and toppings you want for only $5!


We love Yogurtland lots!
Perfect for an after school treat, reward for good behavior, post soccer fuel up, mom and daughter date and okay any occasion is a good one for FROYO!
I have my favorites and regular flavors I love to return to but... the flavorologists mix up some amazing tastes that are delightful to try.

Last week we visited as a random stop on the way home from a few errands and my kiddo had to put probably 5 different froyo and ice cream flavors into her cup then she topped it off with some new to her toppings!

I really don't mind when she asks for Yogurtland.... it's a Family thing!

Oh, and with their new Butterfinger® Frozen Custard flavor and Butterfinger® Bites topping, I know the topping imagination will run wild and will be a day we remember... I mean who forgets a day where they can fill up and eat up to their FROYO hearts desire!

Don't Forget - November 13th - Tuesday...
Hope you make it out to no weigh Tuesday too I mean there are 16 flavors waiting to fill your 16oz cup!

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