Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Talking Kaiser & Health With My Dad #KPOCFluFighter

Hello Fall and Soon to Be Winter - Staying Healthy During It All...

It's that time again Open Enrollment for my dad at work, oh and flu season!
All opinions are my own in partnership with Kaiser OC as a flu fighter! #KPOCFluFighter
Ironically last night we talked about Kaiser as an option for him to swap to. When you are over 65 there are so many parts to health that you just need to pay closer attention to. It is a lot easier to catch the flu and harder to get rid of it.
Our family is big on preventative care. We eat pretty healthy and use a lot of garlic, we are a Greek-Mexican household, so naturally olive oil too. It's important to us to also eat fresh fruits, specifically tangerines and oranges, as well as veggies to keep our green chlorophyll up!

Fall hits us slowly in socal and it kind of rolls into winter but the flu doesn't care about the weather it's a seasonal un friendly part of life. Since my kids are in school we often battle small colds and the flu during flu season.
Here are some tips on battling flu season early..
* Wash your hands before meals and often
* Remembering to eat your veggies
* Dress appropriate for the weather
* If you exercise be sure to keep dry in cold air and outdoors after
* Remind your kiddos to not share drinks too

Yes.. there are a variety of ways you can stay healthy during this sick-season. You can also help prevent the flu by visiting a free Kaiser flu clinic to receive your annual vaccination (free to all Kaiser members).
What does your family do to help prevent the flu? Certain foods? The flu shot? Juicing a specific recipe? All of the above?
While I was talking to my dad I noticed that Kaiser has a lot of preventative health care options overall and all yearlong. They really do thrive on their amazing health care technology too. He has a few days left to decide and he has a few questions so I suggested he calls the Kaiser OC help care line to ask a few.
Do you have Kaiser? Did you know that if you are already a member you can the flu shot for free, so if you were already looking into that, there's a good did you know tip!
I always feel like a healthy diet, vitamins, natural foods and drinks will help keep us strong against germs and sickies of all kinds but sometimes they just find their way to us
It's nice to know that Kaiser has these preventative options for its members!
You can get more details, ask questions on social media and follow Kaiser OC here...
Facebook: @kaiser.oc
Twitter: @KPOCThrive
Instagram: @kaiserpermanenteoc
Thanks for the info Kaiser and I will be looking into more with flu season approaching.

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