Monday, January 21, 2019

The Queen is IN at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - New Show Review Plus Discount Code

Have You Heard The News?! Medieval Times Has A New Queen On The Throne...

Let's Joust!
I have heard those words for over 25 years while visiting our most favorite Knights of the Round Table at Medieval Times, Buena Park !
Since I was about 10 my parents have been bringing us to enjoy "Dinner and Tournament" !
We used to visit the castle at least 2 times a year, if not more, and enjoyed every moment of the cheering, eating, yelling (in the most friendly competitive way...hehe), jousting, preshow and so much more !

My kiddos have been asking to go back to Medieval Times for about 6 months now. My daughter heard that after all these years there is finally a Queen reigning over the castle in succession on her late Father, the King.

For the first time in Medieval Times' 35-year history, a Queen has taken the throne. 
Her Majesty Dona Maria Isabella presides over a tournament of knights who gather in celebration to test their skill against one another in a series of games, jousting, and combat.

The show, from lighting to the performers, takes you to that fine line between reality and fairytale and we loved every moment of the experience.

Audiences of all ages gather to cheer for their knight! The arena becomes one then divided...  it's a surprise how it will all end up but you will be on the edge of your seat. 
The dinner is amazing and the portion per person is plentiful. 

From dragon soup to a baby dragon (chicken) with potato and corn on the side the feast is perfect while the entertainment begins. 

What color Knight will you get ? Who will win ? Who will be crowned princess of love and beauty and will you catch a carnation from your Knight too!?

So many questions and so many answers all rolled up into an entertaining evening all ages can really enjoy! 
Medieval Times is the perfect place for any occasion: family fun night, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, date night, moms night out, and more... they even have educational day time shows for schools! 
Don't forget if you are celebrating something you can have it announced or even be Knighted in a ceremony pre show.
Special Needs/Autism Tips...
Everyone can enjoy the show. If you need assistance just ask. There are tables that are at the top of the seating arena that are standard tables so that wheel chairs may fit comfortably too.
Dietary - no problem you can either bring the snacks your kiddo may need or ask for special plate as needed. Veggies are a good supplement for the soup etc if there is texture issues.
Arrive Early or Late... here is what I mean. The common area where announcements are made and most wait to be called back to their seats can get crowded and loud.
If noise and crowds are not an issue I suggest arriving early and settling down after you look around the castle. If noise is an issue please bring headphones and arrive late... if you arrive late you can ask the staff to let you into the arena a tad early to get situated and seated as needed.
Isle seat is useful when seated in the arena in case you need to get up and down to accommodate restroom, sensory or a break. Just ask your server to let you have the end seats of the row.
Timing of Shows - This is a win win for me. If you need to attend an early show its great since the castle wont have the pre show crowds immediately. But.. if you can do the late show its a great experience for all. The kids love the late show since they can hang out and meet their Knights after the show in the lounge/bar area.

Discount Offer!! 
Experience the New Show | Tickets Only $37 - 
Must mention or enter code USF37 at time of purchase. May not be combined with any other offer or group rate. Tax, gratuity and applicable fees are additional. Upgrades are additional. Not valid on prior purchases. Valid at all castles for shows through 1/31/2019.

"The new story brings a series of changes to the show including new costumes, custom-designed and handmade armor, fight scenes, and musical score composed by Dr. Daniel May, who directed and recorded the composition in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. Be among the first to experience the debut of our new show."
I would have to agree that Medieval Times is well done with "Magnificent horses displaying the astounding athletic feats and thrilling swordplay that have become hallmarks of this unique entertainment experience". We keep coming back! 
Check out all the details on the Buena Park Castle and their promotions running at this time HERE . 
Random Tip - Cheer super loud, stand up and show some spirit and get loud. The Knights who win in the competitions toss out carnations. It's always fun to catch one!

Catch some of the action from our visit live here on Instagram here.
Hope you get to visit Medieval Times Buena Park soon!

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