Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Dr. Yoonessi of My Pediatric and Respiratory Clinic Entertaining My 20 (okay maybe 200) Questions

Getting to Know Dr. Yoonessi and My Pediatric & Respiratory Care Clinic

I had the lovely opportunity of asking Dr. Yoonessi my own questions about what is important to me about my families health care options and Dr. preferences.
All opinions are my own and all questions were my own.
Talking with Dr. Yoonessi I felt that My Pediatric & Respiratory Care Clinic has the priority of families and children at the top of their list.  

Health and wellness within daily lifestyle is important to my family and Dr. Yoonessi was so energetic and passionate when speaking to me about how important health care and honesty to her patients is to her.
Health care honesty seemed to come up often in our conversation. Dr. Yoonessi made it clear that she desires, strives and works daily to be a trusted resource in and to the community.
Since she specializes in respiratory care but has a passion for all pediatrics Dr. Yoonessi has some major future plans!
With bigger dreams to bring an all inclusive integrated treatment center with many facets and resources under one roof it is easy to be excited for the next level of care she wants to provide.
Dr. Yoonessi and I talked about special needs and Autism specifically. I shared with her that my son is on the Autism spectrum and very high functioning. I also let her know of a few concerns, questions and uncertainty I had but that I wanted help with.
She was more than willing to share her own thoughts and expert experiences as well as point me in the direction of more resources and go to materials to extend my knowledge on what I needed for what I was asking.
Interviewing Dr. Yoonessi (I do this with any Dr. or medical professional I may send my kids to) made me feel like I have known her for a while.
An instant connection with a medical professional who was listening to me, hearing my concerns, helping me with what my children may need and offering extended resources.
Dr. Yoonessi has a great knowledge on sensory and special needs and expressed to me how early intervention for any delay is key. I couldn't agree more as a mother of a child with Aspergers.
Dr. Yoonessi completed her master's in Public Health and is very community driven. Community is key to her. She provides community outreach programs monthly and to support not only the children with healthy diets and such but with families as well providing health educational classes too.
I really appreciate that Dr. Yoonessi is inspired to continue her dedication to community health and wellness.
You can see her interview recently with KNX 1070 on Ibuprofen safety and also an interview on the dangers of liquid nitrogen.  
You can find that interview here…
Dr. Yoonessi continues to research topics in children's healthcare important to her as well as studying certain things that affect pediatrics.
It was a pleasure chatting with Dr. Yoonessi and I love that she is an animal lover too. Horses and dogs have come to share her heart with her love of children.
Compassion and empathy are important to her and it shows in all aspects of her life.
To make an appointment with Dr. Leila Yoonessi at her clinic MY Pediatric and Respiratory Care Clinic in Long Beach call 562 491 9001 or make an appointment online at
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