Monday, February 18, 2019

We Love Family Style Meal at Panini Kabob Grill Mision Viejo #PaniniKabobGrill

Winner Winner Panini Kabob Dinner.... 

Family Style is the way to go at Panini Kabob Grill for Dinner.
It has been kind of rainy and cold in socal the last few weeks. My kids are always on the go doing something and I am always looking for fresh options to feed them if I didn't get the meals in and ready on time.

One of our most favorite go-to options for a delish meal is Panini Kabob Grill. The whole family loves it and my daughter even makes requests weekly for something she is craving from the made to order fresh kitchen!
I am totally fine eating there and enjoying a new favorite for dinner.... the Family Style Meal!
A few of the reasons we love Panini Kabob Grill as a family....
The Team on site is amazing and friendly and loves their job so it makes us smile.

PKG is so proud to say that their Chicken, Beef and Lamb Kabobs are now 100% Vegetarian Fed, Antibiotic and Hormone Free. Thank you PKG!


We also love that there are so many options with authentic taste from the rice to the lamb and sauces to seasonings.

Here are a few samples of how you can order the Family Meal Option.. You can even get it To-Go!

Family Kabob Combo (Dine in and Take Out Options may Vary)
2 Skewers $19.99 / 4 Skewers $39.99
Basmati Rice, Brown Rice or Bulgur Pilaf and Choice of Salad

Let's eat...

Salad Options

How do you even decide?!


Sub Two Koobideh for One Chicken $1.99
Sub One Flat Iron for One Chicken $2.99
Sub One Salmon for One Chicken $2.99
Sub One Lamb for One Chicken $6.99
Sub One Shrimp for One Chicken $6.99

Sub One Tofu or Vegetable Kabob for One Chicken No Charge

Family Style For Sure...
We felt that the food was portioned for larger than what is said and there was plenty of delish bites for everyone and some to take home.
What I love it that there are Vegetable, Tofu, Shrimp or even Salmon options.
We tried the Shrimp and Salmon and aside from the shrimp being like prawns and huge they were cooked spot on and the salmon was amazing. My daughter and hubs had to fight for the last piece.. hehe.

The perfect way to a balanced fresh cooked meal that is not at home with out the clean up but all of the satisfaction of homemade. We feel like this each and every time we visit PKG. We love the staff and the managers as well as the amazing Chefs that prep the plates with consistency each time.
Have you been? Dinner is great.. try the Family Style!! Dine in or To Go!!
Also... have you tried Dessert.. We have not.. we want to.. What is your favorite?

We agree that their "commitment to fresh, healthy ingredients, fine food and excellent prices will make you want to stop by and treat yourself everyday" ... we cant stay away too long. 


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  5. I wish there was a recipe online for their delicious bulgur!! Wow - if anyone knows how they do it please let me know. Panini Kabob's food is amazing and healthy!!