Thursday, February 28, 2019

GROW South Bay Offers Fresh Food Delivered #GROWSouthBay

GROW South Bay Brings Fresh & Delish Groceries Delivered

Farm Fresh City Fast... I like their motto!
I am a huge fan or fame to table and delivery makes it even easier to obtain fresh fruits, veggies and crafted sides and more to our groceries.
Thank you GROW for our bag of amazing eats, snacks and bites while in Idyllwild! All opinions are my own.

From the olives and cheeses to the fresh salsas and dips... everything was a burst of flavor with each bite.
I have to say my favorite were the olives... I'm an olive lover.
Do you know the GROW story? It's super cute...
"“Why did you open GROW?” It’s a question we’ve gotten since the day we opened our doors. And the answer is still the same- It started with a Cherry Stand.

When we moved to the Soutern California from Central Valley citrus country in 2003, our son Brendan wanted a boogie board. The agreement was that we’d pay for half, and he would come up with the other half.
That summer Brendan set up a cherry stand in front of our house, selling fruit that we got from a GROWer friend in Lodi.
On Monday morning there were notes in our mailbox asking when the stand would have cherries next.
Needless to say Brendan had his boogie board in no time. And thanks to the encouragement and loyalty of the fruit loving, South Bay community, GROW opened in Manhattan Beach in September of 2006.
We may still be best known for our cherries. But we’ve since expanded our little shop to offer the South Bay’s best produce, meat, cheese, wine and select groceries.
Our second store in Downtown Los Angeles brings even more great things to the shop: shop made grab-n-go snacks, GROW salads, side dishes, made-to-order sandwiches, cold pressed juice, soups & more. 
Making GROW a place you want to shop and providing our customers with food they want to eat is what we do. 
And we hope to be doing it for many years to come.
Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the shop."
Well how cute are they!? Learn more about Barry and Kathy as well as all the ways they use GROW to giveback to many. 
Get more details here! Keep up with our momcation trip on social with #ExperienceIdyllwild and #CHMTravel .
Everything we tasted was delightful and full of fresh flavors. That's the way I love my food!

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