Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Cunard Story on The Queen Mary #History #CunardStory #TheQueenMary

The Cunard Story Opens on Queen Mary - Historic Opportunity

The Intertwined Histories of Britain's Cherished Maritime Leader and its Most Famous Ship Come Alive in a new Visitor Gallery
In partnership with luxury cruise line, Cunard, the iconic RMS Queen Mary will unveil her new, permanent exhibition, ‘The Cunard Story,’ on July 5 in Long Beach, CA.

PC The Queen Mary

The exhibition will showcase Cunard’s remarkable 179-year history, its relationship with The Queen Mary, its founder’s vision, the ships it inspired and continues to bring forward, and their influence on immigration, global maritime policies and technological innovation.

‘The Cunard Story’ will showcase the company’s legacy through artifacts, photographs and film, and will also feature an ‘immigration salon’ that allows visitors to digitally explore ancestry databases.
Through the offerings, visitors can experience ancestor arrival dates and specific ships that carried them, allowing for a deeply personal experience.

The Queen Mary alone transported thousands of passengers during her Cunard service; and approximately one in five immigrants sailed to the U.S. on a Cunard ship at the height of the immigration period during the latter part of the 19th century and early 10th century. 

The list of companies having enjoyed a century of success is short. Cunard, the revered maritime icon began its voyage to success 179 years ago in Halifax, Canada. For nearly two hundred years the company has forged a reputation for sea-going leadership, competence, vision and service to the world-at-large. Cunard ships have been legends in their own time; the best in their class - holding records of achievement for speed, comfort, engineering breakthroughs and more. Lusitania was a Cunarder.

But, perhaps the line's most recognized  ship was the original RMS Queen Mary. Indeed, the Queen Mary still reigns supreme; she is the only ship of her class and prominence to have survived eight decades on the public stage. Like the company responsible for her advanced technologies, uncompromising grace and head-turning style, the Queen Mary epitomizes Cunard's legacy of excellence.

“This partnership between Cunard and the Queen Mary has allowed two icons of maritime pioneering to curate an immersive experience that illustrates their remarkable history, offering guests a deeper understanding of the impactful setting and creation of the Queen Mary within the Cunard legacy” said Chris Wilmoth, Director of Marketing, The Queen Mary.

Such are the histories of Cunard and Queen Mary - together they influenced culture, economies, strategic alliances, gave hope and security to the oppressed and set the ultimate standards for elegance, romance and the allure of ocean voyaging at its zenith. Their partnership is thoughtfully presented as the Queen Mary dedicates the 'Cunard Story' - the dramatic story of a great company and its remarkable ships.

“I encourage people to come visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach to experience the ‘Cunard Story,’ said Josh Leibowitz, Senior Vice President, Cunard, North America. “The exhibit beautifully presents Cunard in its historical sense and does equal justice to our modern luxury fleet and today’s Cunard experience. We are proud of our legacy, and thrilled to have partnered with The Queen Mary to bring this exhibition to life,” Leibowitz added.
Soon celebrating her 85th Jubilee Year the Queen Mary represents all that Cunard stands for. Retired from service in the 1960s, the ship remains known world-wide and attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year. 


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