Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Riptide Rockin Sushi & Teppan Birthday Surprise For The Win! #riptiderockinsushi

Surprise Dinner at Riptide Rockin Sushi

We LOVE Riptide Rockin Sushi but it's been a while and it was a first for our birthday girl!
Birthday dinner with a twist thanks to Riptide Rockin Sushi at the Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo for hosting my tween!

It had been a long weekend of soccer down South in San Diego for three days. It was hot and we basically survived on water, snacks, salads, sandwiches and more snacks.
Since we had a late game last Monday, yes Monday, we decided it would be fun to surprise Z with another experience.

If you have been following along, remember, Z asked for mini experiences for her birthday this year instead of a big pool party like she has had since she was a baby.
Since she is a foodie, yes we've created a monster with this, we though it would be fun to visit somewhere Z has never been.
Riptide Rockin Sushi was just birthday perfect.
My birthday girl loves entertainment and of course shrimp, sushi, seafood, steak, okay a true foodie is what we've really got on our hands.

What more could we do to keep the surprise fun? Her BFF just got back from vacation today and was coming to meet us for dinner!
So let's get down to the deets..
Riptide has a killer happy hour, running from 5p to 630p & again at 9pm, that offers bar drinks, specialty cocktails and a slew of amazing bites to try at a fraction of the price.

Perfect for family night out or a date night too with multi courses to the evening... Just a thought!

It's pretty funny to see what everyone orders. Basically our birthday group was a seafood and steak kind of bunch.
Teppan is a lot of fun for everyone. The Chef really makes the best of the mini table side show.

The shrimp and rice fly and everything is cooked to order right in front of you.

What I like about Riptide is that you can order anything off the menu while others in your party enjoy teppan.

Enjoy the foodtainment like a volcano tower, sizzling meats, chopping, flipping and tossing together laughing.
There are also additions you can include into your tasty meal like noodles!

The meal itself is really filling with plenty to bring home if you like leftovers, my kiddo wanted it all for later, I know!

From the start with a salad and soup you just know that it's go big or go home with flavors and filling you up over a relaxed fun setting.
We didn't even realize we were there having fun over a fantastic meal for 1.5 hrs!
Riptide has super friendly staff too, everyone said happy birthday and asked how the food was. It's really nice to see everyone smiling around you enjoying too.
Hot tip... don't be afraid to try Riptide if you have dietary needs or restrictions. We had our daughter's friend who is vegetarian and another who eats it all & one that's picky and everything was cleaned off all their plates!

Don't forget to let your server know you are celebrating! It's fun to see the surprises that go along with the birthday fun. I wont spoil them... just be open to enjoying some celebration!  
Get all the deets on hours and full menu here.

I can not wait to go back and sit at the sushi bar! Date night calling....
Get social and have some fun with their hashtag #RIPTIDEROCKINSUSHI !!  

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