Monday, December 23, 2019

Hosting A Stress Free Yummy Tamalada with El Gallo Giro #tamalada #tamaleseason #ElGalloGiro

Hosting a Tamalada aka Tamale Making Gathering

Don't Stress you can buy all the fixings to make your tamales at home or you can just buy amazingly tasty tamales... both made possible by our fave El Gallo Giro.

You can make it a friends and family thing or just make some tamales yourself, it really is calming and fun. For me it became an effort to make the perfect tamale.

Thanks to El Gallo Giro for sponsoring the delish fixings for our tamalada. All opinions are my own.

My Easy steps and tips..

* get your premade masa from El Gallo Giro ( my closest location is Santa Ana)

* get corn husks & soak for 1 hour

* pick and prep a filling for the tamales

* add a salsa for spice or flavor

* spread masa
* add filling

* fold corn husks

* steam in tamalada pot for 2 hours & check water level every 30 mins to keep from burning

* done when masa peels loosely away from corn husks

Plate, serve with champurado (mexican hot chocolate) & top with salsa & more.

Do you make your own or buy tamales? El Gallo Giro hooks you up both ways with fresh masa & fresh tamales.. spicy & sweet. Yummy.

Here is a recap of our tamalada too!
Get social with #ElGalloGiro and Merry Tamalemas!

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