Friday, July 24, 2020

Las Vegas with Kids During Covid19 .... A Success!

I forgot how much I loved this place... oh Las Vegas!

It's been a minute since we've been. About 4 years ago was the last time we were in Vegas for a quick 36 hour visit for a friends 40th.

We were a bit skeptical on how clean, Covid friendly and safe visiting would be during this crazy time. I had seen a few friends visit and it looked fun and like there were precautions being taken. So when my sil asked us to go we said let's do it. was it?!

Well... it's the cleanest I've ever seen Vegas. We stayed at Delano at Mandalay Bay. 

It was so pretty and the beach club access is well worth the stay itself. The kids loved it and felt like they were in a tropical paradise waterpark. Winning! 

Hot tip.. you can bring anything not glass into the pools at Mandalay and Delano. Get there early like before 10:30am or there may be a little wait to get in since they too are keeping limited quantities in for covid measures.

* There aren't all the street hustlers with their naked fliers to the strip clubs. 

* There was the least amount of people in each space with distancing markers everywhere from in the hotel to the shops on the strip.

* Walking outside of your room and everyone is asking you to pull up and or wear your mask in all common areas.

* Some hotels took temperatures too. 

* We saw everyone in a mask... everyone. Inside the hotels they have them handy so if you forget or don't have one.. they have one for you. 

I actually have never enjoyed Vegas as much as this visit! It was a good time to get away from things safely and a great time to introduce my kids to it really.

What we did?!

There were so many fun things to do in Las Vegas. With kids there is plenty to do. We had so much fun exploring, playing in arcades and seeing sights that we wished we had a few more days to see more.

* Pools. Your hotel will have a cool pool. Use it enjoy it, the heat was 105 while we were there last weekend.

* Arcades at the hotels. We love the Circus Circus Midway arcade and game area, the New York New York arcade, Excalibur Hotel Arcade and your hotel will most likely have an arcade too. It's fun to play and let the kids win their suvineer.

* Walk the Strip. When I said this to my kids they were so confused but then I explained it all and they got excited. It is a lot of walking so it's best to use the tram system they have between hotels. They won't all connect and you may have to take a short walk from one to another or across a bridge depending on the route you want to take. Check with the hotel you stay at so you fan plan your tram and walking route of the strip.

* Bellagio Flower Garden is one of our favorites. Right now it's Hello Kitty themed and so beautiful.

We usually enjoy the buffet but since that's a no go we walked though spaced out and enjoyed the floral wonder! The kids loved it.

* New York New York roller coaster. If you have the Vegas Slots app and play it, you can gain points towards discounts and freebies. I used some points to redeem bogo tickets for the rollercoaster!

* The Eiffle Tower at Paris Vegas was one of the best things in Vegas we have ever done. My brother has been to the top before and he said it's a must do & let's go, so we did and it was breathtaking. 

We watched the Bellagio Water Fountain show from there, saw the entire strip and enjoyed almost 45 minutes until we took the ride down about 1 minute and 45 stories high. I really suggest this but be aware of the height and sensitivity to that for anyone you are with. 

You can find discount on and Caesars group entertainment and sometimes on groupon too.

* M&M store and The Hershey store. Both are equally amazing so check them out. We had to get some specialty candy and sweets at each. 

Oh and my son had to have a Hershey lipsmacker... he actually wears chapstick on his own now 5 days straight! Winning from Vegas.. ha!

* Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. While the hotel is pretty old and run down, the Advebture Dome is the newest part and has a small theme park inside. The pricing is simple... if you want to ride and are over 48" you pay $40 for an all day wristband. I believe under 48" is $30 all day play. 

* A lot of the shows and sights are dark and not playing or open for viewing but that's ok there is still plenty to fine, discover and explore.. it's Las Vegas!

More to explore...

On our way out we stopped at Seven Magic Mountains just a 6 minute detour off on Old Las Vegas Blvd too! 

We want to head back and see a few more things like the Yellow Brick Road inside MGM Grand, Mirage Volcano erupting, Treasure Island and much more. 

Have something or somewhere we just have to visit or see next visit out... drop it in the comments please!!

It was so much fun and yes they really do have hand gel like every turn and I saw staff cleaning and wiping everywhere we stopped at in, on and along the strip hotels.

Our visit was really great and before we left we were already talking about what to do when we come back... soon.

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