Thursday, October 21, 2021

A Must See... The Ghost and Molly McGee on Disney Channel #theghostandmollymcgee

Disney Has Done It Again with The Ghost and Molly McGee!

Wait for it.... an animated, musical, horror story of funny friendship, for all ages new show has come to Disney Channel.

We loved it and can't wait to give you the inside scoop thanks to Disney Channel. Oh and all opinions are our own.

Just in time for Halloween, The Ghost and Molly McGee brings us laughter, excitement,  wonder and so much more.

The cast is brilliant & the art is spot on from the expressions the characters make to how you see their friendship come to life.

While Scratch the ghost does not expect to find a friend in Molly, he does, she does, they do & we do too.

Mikey and I enjoyed our surprise box pre show goodies after our kitty helped us explore the contents. Vizzi loves Disney mail too!

If you have not seen any episodes, there are 5 out now check them out and catch up, see new episodes on Disney Channel. We've seen them each twice. Since there's a relatable level to each Scratch, Molly to my son and I as well as Molly's mom, we are truly enjoying the show together.

Not to spill any tea or spoil anything but... there's singing!! Musical does mean there are songs but they are super catchy and entertaining too. So well written and performed.

On that note... see what I did there... the cast is incredible. They are true to themselves, true to their characters and each bring out the best in who the writers invisioned to fit the roles.

We had a chance to sit down, via zoom, with Molly and Scratch aka Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder. Oh my gosh they are funny, kind, passionate about their show and seem to really be cool people.

I loved that they had fun talking with us too! Our incredible group of bloggers asked a bunch of questions, commented on all sorts of feedback and really dove in to bringing us the who, what, where, why and how they play their roles so well.

It was such a blast to feel their passion as they each spoke about why they love playing Scratch and Molly, what it means to them, what they hope to bring to those who watch the show and to see their personalities come thru to rhe screen in their characters. There is something special about these two!

I enjoyed them so much that I even took notes on my sketch of Scratch. (Say that five times)

That sketch!!!! We were personally shown how to draw Scratch by Karl Cruz. He is fantastic and im pretty sure that I should go ahead and apply to sketch for Disney now, right?! Ha! Okay well it was really fun and a first for me so thank you Karl!

We have really had a spooky entertaining friendly type of time watching The Ghost and Molly McGee together and hope you can have some fun with this new show too!

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Happy boo-ing... I mean viewing friends!

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