Sunday, October 23, 2022

Happy Hauntings OC at Wild Rivers

Weekend rundown Happy Hauntings OC...

Okay!! So let me break down Happy Hauntings OC for you from our visit this Friday...

A link to our reels recap can be seen here!

Details on our experience and takeaways...

* family friendly with that said my son and I enjoyed four hours together with him repeating activities

* feel it was good for ages 10 and under

* under 3 are free

* date night for food and drinks and a stroll 

* nothing scary or frightening at all, picture a stroll through relaxing evening with things for kids to do

* miniature train ride in a loop around Wild Rivers

* Food for purchase (we saw their main stand open for dole whip, snacks and drinks as well as 4 different food vendors & two food trucks)

* DJ playing music with lights for kids to enjoy

* movie in the wave pool on big screen

* mostly blow up slides for kids again I'd say age 10 and under

* there is a coupon right now for $5 off

* definitely not for adults only that are expecting thrills or fair style rides etc... it's really more of a pop up inflatable pumpkin patch that has slides, maze, movie, photo opps and a chilax feeling that you can let your littles repeat activies and enjoy a safe evening in lots of open space

* photo contest for Wild Rivers passes

Hope this helps give an idea of our experience there, my teenager went to FNL and was fine with her choice since she saw the fun my 10yo was having with me on our date.

Have a super last week before Halloween everyone! 

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