Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Knott's Berry Farm Kicks Off Summer with Ghost Town Alive and Summer Nights! #KnottsSummerNights

Knott's Summer Fun is Coming in HOT!

Seasons of Fun at Knott's Berry Farm brings us the rides, entertainment, food & more with Fiesta Village re-opened, Ghost Town Alive and Summer Nights!

This past weekend we went to check it all out and had so much fun. There is so much to do and see that we visited three times in four days to soak it all in and can not wait to return all summer long.

Here are some of our favorite updates & tips on visiting this summer...

Fiesta Village - you will be blow away with the design and entertainment. We enjoyed the shows that celebrate Mexican Herritage in America, the food that is flavorful with new updates to menus and of course the rides!

Our favorite area is the Alebrije Gardens, see if you can find all six beautiful spirit animals.

Stick around for the Calle CelebraciĆ³n that brings festive cultural experiences with music, dance and new light show.

Ghost Town Alive - the rascals are out in Calico stirring up some mischief and the town is doing their best to make Founders Day a success. Team up with the Sheriff's team to make sure the outlaws come to justice and take part in the interactive activities designed to bring you into the storyline! Love it, so fun for all ages, a must do.

Summer Nights - music, shows, food, rides and everything summer. Pick up a tasting card and enjoy six eats, treats or drinks that were curated special for Summer Nights!

There is live entertainment all over the park from Boardwalk BBQ to Calico and the music varies from area and stage. 

Don't forget to scan over the tasting card options so you can pre plan what you want to try, there's so much goodness it's hard to decide!

Maximize your day of fun with a Season Pass. We like to start off with Ghost Town Alive, then take a splash break at Soak City to cool down, then head back in for Summer Nights after 5:30.

* Make a day of it - Start off with GTA, head over to Soak City and finish off at Summer Nights! 

* Use your dining plan for some of the Summer Nights food options that are on tasting card.

* Explore Fiesta Village at night. It's beautiful and the colors just make you smile and feel like you are in spirit animal garden perfection.

* Tasting card is a win. The portions are large enough to share so you can try many things with friends and family.

* Ghost Town Alive is a day time interactive activity so it runs from open to about 5pm with the closing hoedown.

* Summer Nights kicks off at 5:30pm until close but note that some food options are available for a la carte earlier in the day.

We have so much fun at Knott's all year long and can't wait to return like weekly for some kind of Berry adventure at the Farm!


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