Saturday, July 12, 2014

Baby Beach and let my kids run wild.... WHAT ?!

Mother's Beach AKA Baby Beach - In Dana Point 

Kids playing and running back and forth from water to sand and sand to water... super calm water, whole beach is visible from left to right, Life Guard on Duty, BBQ stands, some shells, soft sand, few rocks, bathroom close by and a pirate ship that you can walk to and more ?!?!!?!??!

YES all of this and more at the BABY BEACH of OC, located at the end of Dana Point Harbor - You can google this address if you need to !
  •      Dana Point Harbor
        34551 Puerto Place
  • Or use the Yelp Link here : 

Fun for most ages (older kids can get a bit bored since water play is on the mild side) this spot really gives you a family feel . 

We have gone for an hour and also for 4-5 hours before and any time spent there is fun. 

The sand area is fairly close to the water so that you can sit and play in the sand with a younger child and still watch an older child play in the shallow water. 

There is enough space for the older kids to play a bit of water sand sports like toss the ball passing, splash around and sit on a body boogie board. 

If you have a kayak you can also wade into the water there and in the shallow area as well. 

The section for the KIDS swimming is clearly roped off to assure that everyone knows where to avoid the drop off as there is a spot that goes from shallow to deep. Again clearly marked and visible. 

Off to the right kids can still play but are urged and repeatedly advised my life guard to NOT swim there.. they seem to have that all under control fairly well !

It really is a perfect spot to spend a few hours, a half day, a full day or even a whole day and BBQ into the sunset. 

We can't wait to get back ......


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