Saturday, July 12, 2014

I LOVE TO BBQ ! Tips and Treats for the Grill this Summer

Don't Be afraid to BBQ if you are a GIRL ! 

Many of us ladies are just to timid to get in front of the grill ... and that's okay ! To be honest I think it takes some skill and some precision to grill anything well .

But... at the same time.. I am a "when there is a will there is a way" kind of grilling girl too .

So here are some tips on what I myself use to make sure that I don't burn my man's meat and keep it cooked enough for my kids to chop a bite too. 

The best part of grilling to me !?
 .... that you can put anything and everything on the grill and if done right it will come out amazing .

** I want to note that I think anything marinated over night is best but if you are in a pinch then try to give it at least 20mins to sit in marinade. 
Chicken Breast - (tip inside tip- I like to butterfly the breast so it cooks faster. Down side its not a juicy cause it is thinner) . 
      * keep the flame low.. it will take a bit longer but keeping the flame low will give the char marks but not dry out. 
      * it usually takes me about 7-8 mins on each side.. but always make sure chicken kits 160 deg !
      * I like to close the lid the last two mins or so after shutting off the BBQ and I let the meat sit for a few mins then bring in and ready .

Carne Asada - 
     * This meat is thin sliced and can come marinated or not. If it is not marinated a simple oil, garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, a few pieces of cilantro and a few onion slices can easily be a good marinate for Casne Asada. 
     * Cooks fast and I try to only flip it once.. leave it until you can see its cooked through. Since this meat is so thin you can usually see when it is cooked through. 

Rib Eye - Med Thickness - (based on our family eating this meat med-med well)
     * Season meat as desired - we like basic rubs on a hearty meat like this. Salt, Pepper and a little olive oil. 
     * For Med-Rare I would suggest 5-7 mins on each side and for Med I would suggest 8-10 mins tops on each side and for those that like it Well done i suggest up towards 10 mins on each side. 
     * When done - turn off the grill and let meat sit. I like to let it sit for maybe 5-8 mins to let the juices inside finish up the tenderness. 

Now what to do for sides !? 
Keep it simple and all in one place with veggies !

I added in a few long green onions, corn, large onion (my daughter loves it), squash and a red bell pepper. All season lightly with olive oil, sea salt, a dash of pepper and love ! 

Started these on the bottom rack directly on the grill and aside from the large white onion, after about 10 mins, I moved them to the top to add the meat to the bottom .  They stayed on the top the rest of the time. 

If you have any questions for details and or other cool tips please email, comment, or share ! 

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