Monday, November 17, 2014

Curry Anyone ?! Homemade Recipe

Afraid to try something new !? Don't be - make some Curry ! 

This was my first time making Curry !

It turned out AMAZING - or so my 7yo and husband said lol .

I started with boneless skinless chicken breast I got on sale at Ralphs - 4 breasts. I picked up the veggies I needed too. Some in a can some fresh .

Needs :
* Curry Spice

* Fresh Bell Peppers - I used 1 orangish red
* Fresh Mushrooms - I used 1 pack
* Fresh Onion - I used 1 medium sized white onion
* Fresh Yellow - I used 1
* Cilantro - 1/4 cup then chop
* Small yellow potatoes cut into small cubes
* 6 pieces of a garlic clove half cooked with the veggies and half with the chicken

* Canned Coconut Milk

Depends how many you are cooking for but this was enough for 4 and for lunch the next day for 3.

I chopped the chicken into little bite sized cubes so that they can be ready to mix with the veggies and they cook faster !

I mixed the fresh veggies so they can cook down to crisp but not mushy like when you see the onion almost clear - cook down in 2 cups of chicken stock (made or bought) and a table spoon of the curry powder seasoning. (2 for more spice 3 for even more spice - for my Mexican spicy loving hubs I also add chili powder to his portion!)

Meanwhile the chicken is cooking in a cup of water and the stock its making. When its almost done I add another cup of chicken stock and 2 table spoons of the Curry powder seasoning.

When both are almost completely done I add the veggies into the chicken and carefully mix the two together and turn down to low and let simmer .

At this time while it is simmering I added the coconut milk and keep adding up to a full can to my families taste.

We all loved it and it says a lot for my 7yo to try and love a new dish first time !

We paired it with saffron rice but white rice would be great too .

I only wish I had fresh Nan Bread for it !!!

Enjoy !

Pics of what I used !


Try it out.. let me know what you think and what you added too !

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