Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Family Fest brings new products, new tips, and new ideas to the everyday family !

Fall Family Fest brings new products, new tips, and new ideas to the everyday family !

The day started out perfect with weather that was crisp and cool but sunny so that all of us moms, dads and kids at the South Coast Botanical Gardens were able to enjoy every moment .

I attended the blogger morning to see what all the hype was about since I have often heard this is THE EVENT for families to check out ! I was super excited and honored as a newer blogger to be attending - thank you Club MomMe !

As we entered we were greeted with a gift bag and may I say what a gift bag it turned out to be with all sorts of things for baby to toddler and even a few things my 7yo loved !
After check in I walked over to where the media/bloggers were. There was an assortment of fruits, veggies, mini sandwiches all from the very tasty @MendocinoFarms and @FreshBrothers, coffee, and more for us to snack on while we were greeted by the amazing HEAD staff of the event and some speakers that represented some phenomenal brands showcased at the main event. Some brands i had heard of and use and others were interesting to learn about !

I wanted to point out a few of the featured brands that I just could not get out of my head once they presented !

* Little Tikes - from the classic #CozyCoupe to the array of Activities they offer for my toddler and more whats not to love .. a childhood classic. #LittleTikesFun

* Bambo Nature - Loving this #EcoFriendly #NonToxic #GreenDiaper that recently won the #BestGreenDiaperAward ! @BamboNature is looking like a winner ! #BamboBaby

* Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Spray - What ?! Diaper spray.... yes please ! I love it and so far so good.. a few days of using this on my son's booty and were fans for sure ! @DoctorSmiths were fans of your #NoMoreDiaperRash spray .

* Wear the Baby - I am a fan of baby wearing.... I even tried to wear my baby boy (#2) as long as his large man child body would let me ... (not long at all) . I was able to catch a peek of some unique wraps. I was also able to check out the new #ErgoBaby and #LilleLove Colections by @ErgoBaby / @Lillybaby ! I immediately thought of a few of my prego friends that I know love to baby wear too ! Marci and Heather... you came to mind !  #WearTheBabies

* Mamas & Papas - Talk about handy dandy and fast - their #Urdo2 #Stroller is spot on the best bet for ease and speed .. if your like me and have some back and nerve issues you can not sit and fiddle with things when weight of a child and or stroller is too much to handle ! #ArmadilloFamily of strollers is worth checking out !

* Britax - I'm a big fan and I will have a few updated here shortly to add to this post. #tbc Check back after Thanksgiving !

* Lansinoh - For the #MomToBe , #NursingMom , or #PumpingMom , this stuff is just amazingly soothing ! I used a lot of the products myself when I nursed and pumped. Amazing cream while nursing to ease the pain and cool down. They offer the best #breastmilk #storagebags #pumps #wipes and much more. Check them out and follow their news at +LansinohUSA  #LoveMyLansinoh

* Essentia Water - Love it ! Not only did it taste refreshing and great it is replenishing your Alkaline balance and hydration  Love Love.. Win Win ! The taste above the rest and i like it more than the bottled waters I have been drinking.. just need it in more locations ! he he .... #EssentiaChallenge @EssentiaPHW

When the round robin was over we were able to head on over to the #FamilyFest main event area.
I was able to check out all of these brands and more up close and test out some as well ! I loved that !
Some moms and kids were taking the opportunity to get pampered with the nails, hair and make up area. Some others were able to nurse in the nursing area while their hubby's relaxed in the DadDe Lounge where they snacked on beef jerky and stayed hydrated .

I loved how there was so much focus on family first and how to keep family safe while out having fun .. all the brands and products seem to tie into one another with a flow of this motto ! Love it !
One of my most favorite innovations I checked out was the new car seats. A few caught my eye ! How they fit into a Toyota was beautiful lol ... I loved how the car seats they are pairing up with (#Safety First and #COSCO seats) make life easier... fitting three car seats that go in and out easily fit across the back row of a sedan !

I took a while to just soak it all in and also watched the dads in the DadDe lounge enjoy a moment too !

This event was amazing and well done ! From the start to finish we were treated with new things for all families to enjoy, see and try !

I was able to stay until about 2pm when I had to head out to meet my daughter at Disneyland... I know right.... We love #Disney !

Huge shout out to all that worked so hard to make the #ClubMomMe Event a huge success and thank you to all the partners that paired up to make it all possible . I would suggest anyone check out the event on line for more info HERE ! 

Thank you to @ClubMomMe for the invite to attend - it was an honor to check it all out and can't wait to see what fun you have planned for next year !

To all those interested in next year.. sign up and register fast ! It sells out at all levels !
Thank you ! 




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