Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's COOKIE TIME ..almost !!!!! are you ready for GIRL SCOUT COOKIES !?

Oh yes .. you know you all love them and their cookies !

The Girl Scouts are back in action with their cookie selling that starts on January 25th this year .

Do you know the flavors ? Here they are ! Some oldies and goodies with one new one !

Thanks-A-Lot® Girl Scout CookiesCranberry Citrus Crisps Girl Scout CookiesLemonades™ Girl Scout CookiesShortbread Girl Scout CookiesThin Mints® Girl Scout CookiesPeanut Butter Patties® Girl Scout CookiesCaramel deLites® Girl Scout Cookies

There is a new cookie this year - a gluten free ! It's called the TRIO - and I hear that it's yummy goodness ! With Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal all wrapped up into one tasty treat ! I can't wait for those !

My favorite is and has always been the Peanut Butter Patties or in my day, the 80's lol the original tag-a-longs ! Oh yeah for these babies I will date myself ! hehee 

Whatever cookie is YOUR favorite, be sure to grab a box or two, you know they don't last long but you always want more - gotta love the Girl Scout Cookies !

I am lucky and unlucky enough to have a girl scout in my house so I will have my cookies on the 25th ready to open and eat haaa !

Will you be ready !? Only thing.. are you prepared to pay $5.00 a box ? Yup that's the price this year but I think with this heads up you can figure out how to manage for a box of your favorites !

My daughter always sets her goals for selling. She started 2 years ago and this will be her 3rd year selling and really loves it. She learns teamwork, goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, business ethics and marketing ! I love that too !

This year she is excited to sell because her cookie sales will help go towards troop activities that these sweet lil brownies voted on ! How cool is that ! In the past they have adopted a sealion and we were privileged to watch her be re released.. one of the best animal experiences for us all ! 

I love what the Girl Scouts have taught my daughter and myself ! I was not in a troop so I am having a great time seeing what it has done and will do for my daughter.

More info on the Girl Scouts go HERE

Remember ZOE will have cookies on hand JANUARY 25th !!!! 
Cookie sales end March 8th !

Happy Tuesday !

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