Friday, January 9, 2015

Time for a SWEET TREAT !

It's almost that time... Love will be in the air and chocolate in my face !

February is always fun for us ! My dad's birthday is actually Feb 14th .... but cause he was born on a farm in a small little Greek village, they were unable to get him recorded until Feb 17th . A fun little story to share and pass down for generations !

I love all the festivities that go into the month of love - the pink, red and white. The floral designs, the cute little key chains that kids love to buy their moms, the single roses and so much more ! BUT... who can forget the SWEETS ??? NOT ME !

Sweets are my most favorite part about most any holiday. The sweets that come out for Valentine's day are just amazing and lately my friend Michelle over at @MichellesCakes is just nailing her edible craftiness to perfection !

I have had Michelle make cakes for me when I can not make them myself and they are always so flavorful, beautiful and just picture perfect ! When she said she was doing Valentines cookies and would make me some for my readers/followers as a giveaway, I was so excited ! Not only was I super excited to do a giveaway but, honestly her goodies always taste so great, I am happy to share her edible goodness with others to try !

Here are some of her awesome cookies just waiting and ready to be painted then eaten !
See more of Michelle's creations HERE

As a special request by everyone who tries them just once - Oreo Truffles and they will be in full swing in our house this Valentines Day . You can see more at HERE !

To Celebrate the #NewYearNewYou I am giving away 12 Oreo Truffles (they DO have dairy) and a set of Paint Your Cookies !

Love must be in the air... these sweets will make you melt .

The winner can use them as they want.. for themselves, a gift, split it up...

To enter please see below !

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks Everyone !

Happy 2015 - Sweets to February Fun !

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**The Paint Cookies were gifted to me towards this giveaway by Michelle's Cakes - thank you! All Opinions are my own**