Thursday, March 26, 2015

Priceless Moment Caught In Photo

These two loves, love each other more than words.

My daughter has a special bond with my father. Maybe it's because I lost my mom when I was pregnant with her? Maybe it's because she's got the characteristics of my mama? Maybe it's because they are just two peas to a wonderful sweet pod.

I am not sure what it is that draws them so close to one another but they really are best friends. It's beautiful. Her papou (Greek for grandpa) is one in a million. He has worked his whole life to see his family smile and now he works super hard to see his grandchildren smile.

He attends her soccer games, glee performances and everything in between. She invites him over for dinner and sits with him for hours just chatting or playing whatever she wants... cause he's that good to her.

I take pictures of my babies all the time.... ALL THE TIME ! Anyone who follows my instagram, twitter or facebook, can see how much I love to capture any and all moments in life.

Sometimes someone else captures the most priceless photo for you and you don't even know it !

This photo is a great shot of my two brother in laws at my sisters wedding this past weekend. I love the way they look, I even looked at this photo on line when my brother in law Angel posted it. His wife, my sister Ileana took this. I even liked the photo!

Later that day my sister Anne sent me a text with my dad and daughter that brought tears to my eyes.. it was a moment captured of pure innocent love.. the kind that is on cloud 9... the happiest of moments between a little girl and her papou... the joy in their faces kept me breathless for a moment. I asked her what photo that was and she told me it was on Angel's page from the wedding... It was the photo i liked of my brothers. It was zoomed into the background.. Great find Anne !! Great shot Ileana !!

I knew how happy my mom must have been looking down on them at that moment... and it was caught on camera ! Blessing !!!!!!!

I just wanted to share this moment.. this picture that is worth to me more than I can ever begin to explain.
Photo by Ileana - See back left of photo for Image

Priceless Moments !

Sometimes the most precious moments are captured with in someone else's magical moment... for that I am grateful these two moments are in one photo !

Feeling grateful.

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