Thursday, April 9, 2015

Medieval Times Spring Break Fun

Let's Joust !

I have heard those words for over 25 years while visiting our most favorite Knights of the Round Table at Medieval Times, Buena Park !

Photo Courtesy of Medieval Times Ca

Since I was about 10 my parents have been bringing us to enjoy "Dinner and Tournament" !

We used to visit the castle at least 2 times a year, if not more, and enjoyed every moment of the cheering, eating, yelling (in the most friendly competitive way...hehe), jousting, preshow and so much more !

Since I have started a family of my own we have brought our kids in a few times and now that they are both old enough to really enjoy the show, were starting them even younger than my parents did with me. 

As a family we love to find local fun things to do! What a better time to do those things than SPRING BREAK ! 

Since my kids are on spring break right now, we have kind of been trying to cram a lot into a little time... enjoy it and suck as much fun in as we can !

My older kiddo has been asking to go back to Medieval Times for about 6 months now. Tonight we are surprising her and our family with some pure jousting !

What color Knight will we get ? Who will win ? Who will be crowned princess of love and beauty and will we catch a carnation from our Knight !? So many questions and so many answers all rolled up into an entertaining evening all ages can really enjoy ! 

The dinner is amazing and the portion per person is huge .... more on that next post.. with pics !

We are headed out in a few hours and will come back with a lot of pics and stories to tell. What will be my daughter's favorite part this time ? Will my 3 yo son eat any of the meal (he is the pickiest eater I know!) 

I will have full details on all the fun after tonight's Spring Break Knight of Fun ! 

Until then I would suggest checking out all the details on the Castle here in SoCal and their promotions running at this time. You can find all that info HERE . Right now KIDS are FREE with Adult Purchase !


Thanks for reading and following... keep up with us while were at the show by following my Instagram - ActionSportsGurl OnTheGoOC and my Twitter @OnTheGoOC !

We are ready to ..... Joust !!!!


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