Friday, April 10, 2015

Remove From Play - Concussion Testing

Be Sports Safety Smart !

As a former College athlete, I am all for the testing of concussions prior to the returning to play !

Remove From Play is a company that developed the Concussion Test -

"The King-Devick test is a timed, sideline concussion screening test that can be administered by parents and coaches in less than two minutes. The objective method uses rapid number naming to identify head trauma and determine whether an athlete should be removed from play. As a result, the King-Devick test can help prevent the serious effects of repetitive concussions caused by premature return to play after a head injury. The accurate and reliable test can be applied to: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Martial Arts, Military and all other contact and collision activities."

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Taylor Twellman ?! A very, in my opinion, awesome soccer player. A play who not only knew how to play the game but see the game, visualize the game and live the game. He suffered a neck injury and many concussions. 

When I hear of Remove From Play and their testing, I immediately thought back to Taylor !
Here are a few details on him and his career after the multiple concussions were sustained. 

"Twellman missed the majority of the 2008 and 2009 MLS seasons after suffering a neck injury and a subsequent serious concussion in a game against Los Angeles Galaxy on August 30, 2008.[5] Twellman planned to make his return during the 2010 season but on June 24, it was announced that Twellman would not play in the 2010 season and was placed on the season-ending injury list. After struggling to find any playing time over the past three seasons in MLS, due to his head injury, Twellman announced his retirement from the game at the end of the 2010 MLS season.[6] Twellman has agreed to donate his brain to science after death. It is believed his brain could be of great use to determine whether or not multiple concussions causes permanent harm to the brain.[7"

I have children of my own, one of which already plays sports and competitively at that.
I want to know that when my kids hit an age that fun turns into competitive and that turns into make it or break it, the testing will be in play so that the only thing being broken are records and not our kids.

Sports are amazing and can take us many places in life but our bodies are useless to us unless we are protecting them.

Our head is our number one in my opinion so I am loving the Remove From Play testing !

More information HERE

Play Safe!

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