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Medieval Times - We Love to Joust !

Spring break went by so fast this year ! Maybe it was because my husband had no time off or because I was taking the kids to a few things solo... I am not sure, but it flew by !

Our family was blessed to spend one evening together this spring break. We were honored to be guests and the Castle... the Medieval Times Castle in Buena Park.

If you read my last post on the Dinner show, see blog post HERE, you know how special Medieval Times is to me ! For 3 generations now we have been visiting the castle and loving every moment !

I wanted to get this post up so that other could take advantage of the awesome deal they have going on right now. For two more days you can do a BOGO free ! Buy an adult ticket and get the child ticket free. This is a great way to end or start spring break for those that have not yet had the week off ! Just a few days left.. Details HERE !


Medieval Times always has seasonal specials going on so that everyone can enjoy the Knights competing in tournament year round ! 

We entered the hall and a lot has been re done and changed inside the castle the last few years and it looks fantastic. 

There are so many different souvenirs to check out we really could have come home with one of everything from rings to banners!


The MC announcer of the castle started to call out our colored crowns and everyone was ready to get to their table around the arena !
He pointed in our doors direction and we were off.... 

The Arena itself looks so pretty with all the crown colors going around. 

Our seats were front row and center - we were all super excited!

This visit was special for all of us. It was the first time my son, who is 3, would attend the show and have to sit through it... He did great! He loved it and was shouting "Go Horses" the whole time! He loved the action and for a 3 year old was captivated by the sounds, lights and all of the Knights in the arena! He is a very picky eater and tasted almost everything, but not a big deal he did not clear his plate since my daughter and husband helped him do that! 


The program showed us the Knights, King and Princess as well as the details of the night. I loved taking this home for a souvenir or possible to use one as a craft for our pics since we all received one! 

The MC of the caste introduced the royal court and a special treat of the castle the showmanship of the beautiful horses and a wondrous Hawk flying so low above our heads. 

While we watched the King's entertainment before us we were served the most amazing dragon soup that my daughter was begging for seconds of. Following the soup was an awesome plate of chicken, potato, corn and delicious garlic bread. I heard the couple next to us reminiscing about the ribs they once received, my husband was interested in that so I guess I will be making ribs at home for his taste buds another time. lol The dinner was much so that my hubs and daughter shared my sons leftovers during the remainder of the show! There was so much food on my plate, I myself, took leftovers home and made a chicken salad the next day!

The Knights were introduced, the games begin and the crowd roars! (I love how involved the crowd gets for their Knight !)

My daughter was on Cloud 9 the whole show! She was the first to receive a carnation from our Knight after he won his first competition... pure joy on this girls face ! Reminds me of when I first caught my first carnation over 20 years ago ! My heart was so full. 

We all watched as the Knights went head to head in tournament and jousted to the death ! Well not really but they sure do know how to clash swords and take a fall, cause my daughter had to ask me twice if the Green Knight was okay and if our Black and White Knight was going to be okay for the next show.... awe my sweet girl. 
There are some surprised through out the show that I just do NOT want to spoil where the Castle goes on lock down of sorts and the fair Princess needs a good Knight to step up ! 

We loved the story line and the excitement of all the action !

Each Knight competes and in the end they are all Heroes giving us an amazing show of Dinner and Tournament ! My family enjoyed every moment of it ! 

Mom that was the best show ever and I love my carnation !
If you attend the last show of the evening you can meet the Knights and court of the Castle in the Dance floor/Bar area of the castle and get pictures taken as well as autographs from your favorite Knight ! 

GO Black and White KNIGHT !!!!!
 We went over to the stables to check out the horses that make the show possible! They are AMAZING! So tall, so beautiful and just a beauty to look at. There was one super tall white horse that reminded me of the one my dad used to have on his farm in Greece. Just beautiful !

We wanted to get a closer look at the weapons room and the stables so I hope to get a behind the scenes tour in the future so I can share all the details that go on to make the show happen multiple times a day! So much effort to make the best Dinner and Tournament around a success KNIGHTLY !

It was nice to walk around the castle and take some pics - our favorite spot it the King and Queen chair set !

Thank YOU so much Medieval Times for a KNIGHT full of fun, family, food, laughter, suspense and an over all awesome Medieval experience ! Just perfectly done and we can NOT wait to visit the Castle again . 

I want to make sure my kids enjoy the same traditions I did as a kid and more. As much as I love visiting the castle with my kids.. my husband and I wanted to come back for a date KNIGHT and see the flip side of enjoying Medieval Times with out the kids and maybe get a few drinks from the King's Royal Bar !

Cheers to the Knights and to 3 generations of my family visiting the Medieval Times Castle. I hope that you get to visit the castle and enjoy it as much as we do!

For more Details on the Castle and all the events, things to do and happenings at Medieval Times, please visit their Kings Court and keep up with all the happenings via email as well - you can sign up HERE . 

Can not wait to return and cheer on another Knight ! Let's Joust !
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