Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo Chicken and Waffles ?!

Cinco De Mayo Chicken and Waffles ?! Wait WHAT ?

Ok so here is the dealio - My hubs has always told me that Mexican Independence is the Eve of Sept 15th to Sept 16th and NOT today, May 5th .

With that said, well and the fact that, I may or may not, but probably do HAVE two chicken breasts I need to use.... I'm doing friend Chicken and Waffles tonight and to keep it real for the Cinco De Mayo Spirit for us here in the USA (have some humor) I am going to even toss in some Tapatio. Oh yeah my hubs favorite!

Ohh and one more thing.. this is my first run at Fried Chicken and Waffles and my first time ever eating them together!

I basically cut the breast strips out of the two breasts. I fried them on stove top with some oregano in the dry mix (you can see my video on twitter HERE) and fried some of them extra long cause I have a daughter that just loves to eat burnt things... not always but yes sometimes.
2 Chicken Breasts Cut Into Strips and Fried 

I then took a waffle out of the freezer (I just did not have the time tonight to mess with the fresh..sorry not sorry!) and tossed it into the toaster. Got my syrup and Tapatio ready for this and put it all together.

Seriously SO good !
Seriously amazing ! We are doing this more often for sure.
Dinner is served,

For the HUSBAND ! He loves his TAPATIO !
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