Monday, May 4, 2015

Downtown Disney Tradition

Have you picked an Oyster for a pearl yet ?

There is so much to do at the Disneyland Resort between the entertainment, food, fun and just walking around we can spend hours there and NOT even go into the parks.

We have a soft spot for our kids.. who doesn't, RIGHT ?!

When my daughter first asked me to pick an Oyster 3 years ago, while we were at DTD on a girls date, I told her - "Not this time baby, the first pearl you get should be bought for you by your dada."

I was also told this by my mother, and was bought my first pearl in Solvang, by my dad. It was a day I will never forget.. a first for us together.

Fast forward to the next time we were at DTD and she asked her dad. He said yes. Since then he has made it tradition to get at least one with her every 6 months or so at the Pearl Factory kiosk.

She now has 5 and this was her last... a rare Silver Pearl, meaning love. She has also chosen a pink pearl meaning beauty and another lighter silver one a bit smaller... shes really after a double in one oyster or a black pearl!

Scoping out the Oysters to
 Pick a good one!
It's a dad / daughter thing... Traditions!
What color will it be !?
Cleaning it up!
Holding her Large Silver Pearl!

My loves - so happy and making memories !
My boy and I enjoyed some time at DTD too !

Find out more about the Pearl Factory and their locations HERE

Another fun day at DLR in the books. Loving my family and all the moments we share making memories and keeping traditions alive!

Is there something that you do as a family at Disneyland or DTD that you just can not pass up!?
I'd love to hear about it and try it out too!

Until the next pear hunt....

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