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Our Top 4 Rides at DLR as we head to the 60th Celebration!

Happy Tuesday - It's the week of the biggest Disney celebration yet - Disneyland 60 !

At this point all of you may have guessed how much we love Disney and all tings Disney. In prep for their 60th celebration there has been a lot of glitz and glam being brought into the mouse house!

There will be special treats and eats, special shows and so much more and it all starts this Friday with a 24 hour event that will be full of ChEARs.

You can find all the details about the 24hr event HERE on the Disney Parks Blog.
Vibrant fireworks bursting above Sleeping Beauty Castle at the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration
Picture Belongs to Disney Parks Blog
As we gear up to visit the DLR ourselves we have to plan what rides we want to ride, what characters we want to greet and what sweets/food we want to eat!

We always talk about what rides we want to ride on our way to the parks. Some of the top 5 change for us as my kids get older and are able to ride more rides but there are a few that seem to hit out list and never leave!

Oh did I mention I have to break down the top 4 by each park... we have our must do's for each!

Our top 4, always have to ride on rides, are -
California Adventure:
1. Radiator Springs Racers - Now that my son is tall enough to ride we can not miss it. He even has the cars from Sarge's Surplus that look like the racer cars we ride in. We all get such a thrill and smile so big when we ride as a family and see our picture at the end. Must do for us.

2. Toy Story - All 4 of us love to shoot and race against the clock to see who is the top score each time! My 7yo is getting very good and I may have to head to the parks solo a few times and inch ahead of her lol haaa.

3. Jumpin Jellies - A good one for everyone and one that my 3yo just cant get enough of. I am not sure if he likes the butterflies in his tummy or the sights he can see when were up so high... but he loves it when we pick this one over his newest trial ... Tower Of Terror.. Also up there on the list but still new for our younger one so taking it slow..

4. Little Mermaid - An oldie but a goodie.. not the ride, but the way the ride hits all ages with the movie we saw so long ago brought to life for another generation and more to come. We all have to ride this one and usually the line is either walk right on or less than a 5min wait.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean - One that I have loved since my parents first took us on the ride in the early 80's. Well and because you can never forget the smell of the ride you just feel so full of Disney's creativity and magic while riding like it was your first time every time. This is nostalgia for me at it's finest.

2. Haunted Mansion - Remembering the first time I rode as a kid and being so amazed by the detail of the outside as well as the inside... and then the unsettling feeling knowing it's Disneyland but that was a little scary...to now, taking my own kids into the dark stretching room and around the mansion in those chilled bucket seats... so perfect, so fun and always a favorite.

3. Small World - Ok not only is it amazing when it's hot out but if you can get to the parks when the cast members have updated it for Holidays it's just the most beautiful sight to see in and out. We love to see Greece and Mexico.. for obvious reasons but all of the countries singing and uniting is more than just a ride with my kids.

4. BTM RR - We loved it before and LOVE it even more now since the update - Big Thunder Mtn RR is one that can not be passed up. Try the "Goat Effect" - yup you tube that lol We may have to put one up on our you tube channel too! Hmmm

We have so many more that we just love, but when were in each park we just have to try to get on these top for in both!

I have to admit that my favorite park right now is DCA - I know I will get some Ohhh and Ahhh for that but, there is just something about a whole park (well almost the whole thing) that I am able to give my son freedom to play, walk and ride so many rides. It is usually less crowded than DL and since we are pass holders I try to take the kids on off peek hours. I am able to give my boy who is ABA on the ASD the freedom in Bugs Land to move around and he can ride all the rides. It could be hours spent there when it's just he and I.

What are some of your favorites?
Are you headed to DLR for the 60th celebration ? What are some of the things you wan to see? Try? Eat?

We are excited to see and be part of all the fun!
Is it FRIDAY yet !?!?
OnTheGoOC aka DisneyLover

PS- Our tradition for about the last year is to take pics IN THE EARS - DTD !  Make new traditions and share them too! Love to hear and see what others are loving!


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