Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Random Kindness to a Stranger Over the Phone

I returned a strangers phone call - Don't judge me please just read..

My heart is full today. I feel like I did the right thing for a stranger and all over the phone.

Here is what happened...

There's been a lady that has called my phone for over 6 months now...

I usually miss the call at odd hours or I have let it go to vm and when I listen it's an older woman calling for her son Skip.

The voice mails started kinda normal with... just need to talk and please call me.. but when I heard one last week I had to call her back..

Please don't judge me for returning a strangers call...

Last week's vm said...

Skip please call me like you did last week..I'm having a really rough week and I feel like I don't want to live and just die .. please call me..

I called her.. told her ..
idk who you are and you mistake dial my phone number a lot and it's ok ..but this vm made me feel like you need your son and he won't get that vm. It sounded like you are reaching out for help so I hope you are ok..have a blessed day.

She said .. oh my I'm sorry and thank you for calling me back to let me know.

3 days later ..she called..I now have her number saves as "calls for skip"

I answered it... I felt bad for her and thought what if that was my mom just missed dialing and needing me..

I said hello... it's not skip it's the wrong number again..she started to cry.. I said it's ok please know I'm not upset and I'll pick up your call to tell you it was a lil mistake in dialing any time...

She said are you a believer ... I said absolutely.
She said I just knew it .. I could feel your warm heart in your voice. I'm sorry I called you again..

I said don't be..maybe that's what God had planned..for me to tell you that your life is important and to have faith in each go call Skip and smile.

She said no honey I am already smiling...
I said.. you are welcome to mis-dial anytime and I'll always greet you with a's not Skip but you have a wonderful day.

She cried saying how wonderful I was being to her..

I am crying as I type this cause we just never know what the other person is dealing with and if we just take a moment to be human not hard we may just make someone's day ..

I'm blessed and I know it ... I'm glad I did what I did.

#bekind #gowithyourgut #treatotherswell #loveoneanother #kindnessCounts #GodisGreatwithTiming

Sorry it's a long one but it's hitting me hard today in the heart and soul.
Have a great day everyone,

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