Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Waffles To Go Any Way You Want Them!

Waffles are not just for breakfast!

Have you been to The Waffle Affair in Newport Beach yet? If not, it's a local spot to check out!

When we arrived at The Waffle Affair last Thursday, we could smell the yummy goodness from the parking lot. 

There is seating outside and inside this super welcoming Waffle creation spot. 

I took my two kiddos. My daughter was eager to try a little of everything and my son was running a muck. I have to give a shout out to the owner and her staff for accepting the fact that my son was running wild no matter what I did and I was NOT going to leave with out enjoying the waffle goodness. 

Owner - She is delightful and so sweet.
Her passion for making the best Waffle creation is second to none!

We started out with, what ended up being my daughter's favorite, the awesome "Bits & Dips" - little waffle bites what are filled with hot dogs - comes with choice of dipping sauce but who needs that when they are so good just by themselves!

My buggy getting her Bits & Dips On! So Good!
Bits & Dips - Could NOT get enough of these !

There were so many different ways that these waffles came out to greet us, we were in waffle heaven!

Next up we tried more of the Savory Waffles: 
Oven Roasted Turkey & Havarti Cheese and
Genoa Salami and Fontina Cheese

The Savory items are so good. They are fresh and the waffles stay CRISPY ! That's huge for me since I am not a fan of soggy. None of that here.. it's all fresh, crisp and good the whole way through! 

Next up we tried the Sweet Waffles: 
Waffle Bites - Powdered Sugar &
Cinnamon Sugar
Special Carrot Cake Waffle with Vanilla
Bean Cream Cheese Whipped Cream. OMG SO GOOD!

They have everything from Classic to Chocolate chip and bacon filled. Oh yes! We loved everything we tried and can not wait to return for more!

The kids were loving each bite! There is nothing like having your kid say "Wow this is so good can we get it to go too" ..... *** WAIT YES WE CAN ***

Mom can we get this to-go ? Please!

I noticed that the packaging is so on the go friendly - perfect for us.. we are always on the go! A lot of the time I am also with the kids with out my awesome hubs. This is a perfect way to get breakfast, lunch or dinner to go and on the road. 

For me to-go is awesome and I talked to the owner.. she is a mom herself and she said that they offer mother friendly curb side help. If you call in your order and let them know your kids are with you and you can't get out for the order to-go..they will help and bring it to you! How awesome is that!

Specials Weekly and Student Discounts too.
We will be back soon for more tasty goodness!
 Thank you for the invite and We can't wait to get over to The Waffle Affair for our to-go yummies on our next family adventure! So close to the beach that we may have to create a beach adventure just to get over there again!
OnTheGo with this one for sure :)

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