Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sweetest Friends are the BEST !

I am SUPER emotional! Do YOU ever cry for something silly, get emotional over something someone said or has done? I do..

So today was one of those days that got me. My son is getting over the cold and wanted to be in school, no fever and no green snot and a few days out, he wanted to see his friends. 

I was supposed to go to an event with my friend Catheryn. The event timing with school and sitter, well it just ended up NOT working out. It's okay, I always put my babies first and they are my number ones so I stayed back. 

I wanted to meet Marica Hinds, an Author, mother, autism awareness guru and advocate. Since I was not able to attend I sent my wishes off to my friend  Catheryn (who also contributes to +So Cal Pocket Memories on the ASD perspective of the blog) and basically waited for pics of the event. 

The pics came, I "Liked" and "Favorited" and loved seeing all the trunk show pieces. 

I went to pick up the kiddos and came the kids settled and as I did I checked my facebook and saw that my awesome friend Catheryn had gotten me a copy of Marcia Hinds' "I Know You're In There". 

So I am not going to lie.. I cried a little.. just cause! The thought of her going out of her way to get me a book that I want to read, from the AUTHOR HER SELF !!!!
I could have easily borrowed it from Catheryn, like she had offered, but this is awesome. Tears of joy and thankfulness to a dear friend. 

I appreciate the little things, the nice, kind, out of the blue things that come when you least expect then.. NOT when from WHO you least expect them from. Kind hearted friends are the best.. when they surprise you it's like getting your cake and ice cream too! BAM THANK YOU GIRL !

Today's post was brought to you by the letter A - for AWESOME PEOPLE DO AWESOME THINGS !

Can NOT wait to read my NEW book!
Stay posted for a review after.. 

Have a super rest of Wednesday everyone!

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