Monday, June 22, 2015

Glee Music Has Heart and Soul

Glee Music Has Heart and Soul!

We love that our daughter is in an extra curricular activity that is musical. We extremely love that the ladies, well family, that runs, teaches and owns Glee Music Academy are just plain good awesome people.

We can not rave enough about how they are with the kids, firm yet fun, and the parents, involved yet molding the kids into mini performers - such dedication to our kids and our kids in return give it to them.

I have so much to say about the Glee Music Academy itself - it's re-built some confidence that my star had lost over this last year. since she started at Glee Music Academy, she has gained the confidence and positive attitude to be a leader with a kind heart being with these girls and GleeMates. She can't even decide what day she wants to attend anymore since she has new and old friends in each of the days. I couldn't be happier with  the program and quality behind the music that is taught.

This last concert was about friends and being a friend - anti- bully - LOVE IT!

Not only is the Lake family passionate about what they are doing but they are real people too. They are easy to talk to and actually care about me and my daughter as individuals and that my friends is not easy to find anymore. They are compassionate when I have maybe a bad health day or I need some help making it happen. Its beyond appreciated and to be honest they will have my business as long as Zoe wants to stay... and she doesn't plan on stopping her Glee anytime soon.

It's the little things that make you so grateful to know your community is still small enough to know that you can reach out to one another and the hand is still there...

If you have not checked out Glee Music Academy - they have a groupon at times and its totally worth giving it a shot for what your family as a whole will get in return.

So summer was totally going to be a lot of local fun and the beach.. but before we dive into that chaos, we were gifted a few tickets to +legolandcalifornia . and will be headed south with another mom daughter duo... and we be able to do this if it wasn't for the generosity of the Lake family.

Glee is not only a Music Academy, it's a place where my child learns music, compassion, teamwork and confidence in herself! So blessed to have stumbled upon this fantastic program and family run business here in Lake Forest!

We sure Do!
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