Monday, June 22, 2015

Knott's Berry Farm Summer Fun New At Knotts

Knott's Berry Farm Summer of Fun!

Do you know what's New At Knott's?

We were able to check out all the new fun at Knott's last weekend and we had a blast! Thank you to my friend and foodie blogger +Sukhraj Beasla for the invite and friendship fun.

I should start off by saying that you can get so many things that are Boysenberry inspired, you will not want to stop eating things. Sorry not sorry!
The rides are all up and ready for summer and the newest hot spot is the new 4D Iron Reef ride. This ride is now where Kingdom of the Dinosaurs once was. Let me tell you that the new ride is amazing and I wish we would have rode it more than twice.

Between the action and special effects that come out at you and the smooth ride itself - one may or may not, but probably did, get so caught up in the action she got startled a few times! Just saying -

One of my all time favorite shows as a kid was the Snoopy On Ice show. This year Knott's brought me back to my youth while I watched the very well choreographed and musically touching Ice Show - Blockbuster Beagle Ice Show. Seriously a MUST SEE.

After the show we rode a few more rides and of course had to check out the Railroad and did you know there are robbers that still come and rob the train!? Look out! Love it!

We did take a break and were totally impressed with Vertical Impact - an action packed live stunt show with so much more going on. Strength and brilliance come together for arial arts and more! It was truly amazing to watch and we could not help but clap and get into the music and mood of their fast paced movement bouncing and moving from box to wall and then some. You have got to check this show out while visiting +Knott's Berry Farm this summer!

Something completely new this summer is Lazer tag - wait what?! Shooting at everyone, I mean who we are supposed to while running, I mean walking briskly to avoid getting shot at... YES PLEASE! Strap on your vest and hold on to your glasses friends, it just got real at Knott's!

While we sat and cooled down we had to have some lemonade, so fresh and so cool. We also were able to check out the exterior of the new candy shoppe that just opened up this week! I can not wait to go back and see what they have to snack on in there! It's right by the new Iron Reef and next to the Coffee stand you can get your boysenberry late at. OMG seriously can I take bottles of that home!?

The food is always amazing - we were treated to an all you can eat Chicken dinner with all the fixings from Mrs. Knott's and then some. I can not rave enough about the same amazing taste that I've eaten since as long as I can remember with my own parents. Nostalgia and perfectly done too.


They also had salmon that was juicy and tasty, so tasty my daughter who was kidblogging with Catheryn over from  +So Cal Pocket Memories went back for 5 rounds of it. Goodness! That was before she and her little blogger kid friends took over the stage.. who am I kidding it was so cute!

We had so much fun checking out what's new at Knott's this summer and we can not wait to get back.
Did I mention I may of may not have, but probably did, trick my lovely friend Suki into riding sidewinder?! Yep shes awesome for still loving me.. haa! She took it like a champ.

I had a wonderful time out with my some friends checking out all the summer fun to be had! So local and so fun - why not get a pass. We are thinking about it ourselves. At the low cost of 4 easy payments of $24.50 (plus taxes and fees) - it is so worth it for a few hours or all day fun!

Top 4 Favorites about Knotts form my KidBlogger OnTheGoOCKid :
* The rollercoasters - all of them - she can't get enough
* The food - Chicken to be specific
* Refillable Sodas at cheap cost for my parents - Yes I like that one too!!!
* All the screams and laughing we do on the rides as a family and with our friends. (me too baby girl, me too)

Well we are almost into summer and we will see you at Knott's!
Happy summer everyone!

Sums up the Awesome Day!  
So grateful for these friends aka blogger crazies!

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