Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mom My Greek Food Looks Gross

Mom My Greek Food Looks Gross!

Yup, I knew those words would come out of my girls mouth but what I didn't know was how proud I would be with the story that came along with them....

I posted this on my personal facebook page and it received the most positive and encouraging responses.

So here is goes and I guess I should note here... I am Greek, My husband is Mexican and my kiddos are our Greexicans!

Zoe --> mama when I bring Greek food to school some of my friends tell me what's that it looks so gross how can you eat it...

Me --> awe baby its ok... maybe they've never tasted different foods and sometimes Greek food does look different if you've never tried it ..what do you say to your friends?

Zoe--> I said ...sometimes just cause it's not pretty looking doesn't mean it's not amazing ... and my papou made it for me. (Papou is Greek for Grandpa)

God bless her..she sees the big picture even if she used it in reference to food! 

Bam that's my she eats the last two pieces of Moussaka my dad made her :)

Sometimes when I miss my mom the most (She passed away when I was pregnant with my first, my daughter, my shining star) I am reminded that she IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Thanks Mama- My Angel.

Kindness is what were born with.. we don't know any different, we learn as we grow.. I hope she grows and learns that Kindness is something never to be lost and gains more Empathy along the way.

Have a positive day! Oh- and TRY NEW FOODS and when you do SHARE THEM WITH YOUR KIDDOS :)

Photo Credit - Surfing The World Cuisine - MOUSSAKA 

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